30JUN20/1700Z Welsh Holiday flights @EGFF

Summary: This event will take place in my home airport ‘CWL’. Because Wales gets quite cold many of us Welsh take holidays and the majority of these are from ‘CWL’. Cardiff Airport is relatively small, however it has a runway big enough for a 747-400, because of that British Airways send many aircraft to ‘CWL’ for maintenance. There are a huge variety of routes from ‘CWL’. From Bridgetown (Barbados) to Doha (Qatar) and everywhere in between. I just think ‘CWL’ needs some love in Infinite Flight.

Server: Expert

Airport: EGFF

Time: 2020-06-30T17:00:00Z


  • Gate 1: E175 (Generic sub Flybe) LFPG

  • Gate 4: 738 (TUI) EDDT @Madison

  • Gate 7: 787-8 (Qatar) OTHH

  • Gate 8: C208 (Generic sub Saab) EGOV

  • Gate 9: 737-800 (TUI or Thomson) LEPA

  • Gate 10 757-200 (Thomson) LEMG @Titan

  • Gate 11: 737-800 (TUI or Thomson) GCRR

  • Remote 12: 737-800 (Ryanair) LMML @jp_aviation4

  • Remote 13: A319 (EasyJet) LEBL

  • Remote 14: 737-800 (TUI or Thomson) LEMD

  • Remote 15: A321 (Thomas Cook) LTAI

  • Remote 16: 757-200 (Thomson) GMMX

  • Remote 17: E195 (FLYBE) LPFR

  • Hangar 1: 777-200er (British Airways) EGLL @M_Hartwich

  • Hangar 2: 747-400 (British airways) EGLL @Liam_Gardener

  • Hangar 3: 747-400 (British Airways) EGLL @Fynlay_Davies

A few notes for realism: Gate 2,3 and 6 should not be in use! Gate 4 and 5 can be any suitable aircraft to anywhere. When pushing from the remote stands and Gate 1 and 7, push straight onto main taxiway NOT THE TAXIWAY BEHIND YOU! No Passengers or Cargo on the BA flights

Demand?: If there is sufficient demand, I will use EGGD aswell.

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Hey, can I take the Ryanair 737-800 to LMML please? :)

Yes of course you can, remember you can change what you like, and if you would like a flight plan let me know🙃

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sad that my hometown is not on the route list

would you like to change a route so you can get your hometown?

nah i may not be able to join but if i do i would take remote 15 since turkey is related to me as well

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let me know, I will put you down anyway

but if i could change a route… what flight would get changed?

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depends on your aircraft

idrc what aircraft…

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e190, dash 8, 738, a319, whatever you like

738 maybe?

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yes, give me a few minutes, in taxing in a very busy KMCO

lol ok i’ll wait

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how about Gate 4 for EDDT/EDDB?

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yes if course, which livery


i hate using ryanair

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Of course, if you want to change anything, or you would like a flight plan, let me know 😀

i mean… if there is another airline that would kinda fit to that i would take that

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I know it’s not realistic, but I can give you: Air berlin A319 B737 DHC8