30JUN20 / 0300Z - Air Force One Transport @ RJAA to KADW


Hello everyone,

Today Air Force One will take flight but it needs transport we will need many planes to fly with.

Air Force One will be flying from Tokyo Narita to Joint Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington D.C.

Air Force One will need a decoy Air Force One, one KC-10 tanker, Two C-17 Globemasters, and Two of every fighter jet. Please make sure you keep enough space in between aircraft for the autopilot.

This is how the line will look.

Air Force one and other passenger planes



Gate Aircraft Callsign Pilot
Remote Gate 505 VC - 25 Air Force One @Delta18
Remote Gate 504 VC - 25 Air Force Two @Param_Patnaik
Remote Gate 503 C - 17 USAF1 @AlphaKilo
Remote Gate 502 737-700 USAF USAF2 @Shane
Remote Gate 501 C - 17 USAF3 @SAVRamper
Remote Gate 508 C- 17 USAF4 @Populeux_Music
Remote Gate 509 F - 22 USAF5 @CaptainTrev
Remote Gate 510 F - 22 USAF6 @VH-VCQ
Remote Gate 511 F - 22 USAF7 @Captainflight escort to airport.
Remote Gate 512 757-200 USAF USAF8 @Axeno
Remote Gate 601 F - 22 USAF9 @Planeviation
Remote Gate 605 F - 22 USAF10 @ZinZowe
Remote Gate 600S KC - 10 USAF11 @Joseph.Barnett
Remote Gate 600R KC - 10 USAF12 @JarrettFlies

(More Spaces Can Be Added.)

Server: Expert Server


Airport: RJAA - KADW

(Flight plan to be copied while at gates)

Time: 2020-06-30T04:00:00Z

(Please Spawn in 10 minutes early.)

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@AviationFreak @FLIGHT2 @DanyyRude


How long is the flight?

Can try a KC-10 for about 2 hrs before the other one takes over

@Altaria55 It Should be around 12-13 hours long

What do you mean? Fly for two hours and then land?

Bc I have limited time on my hands, so I can fly this for the first 2 then i have to leave

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Oh of corse no problem I will sign you up just leave when you need to.

Thanks :)…

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We need pilots!

Sorry @VH-VCQ I am going to make this a group flight for tonight because of the atc schedule please respond on the group flight if you are still interested.

How long is the flight going to be? I can be the Decoy if it isn’t too long.

This will be about 12-13 hours but it is being moved to a group flight tonight because of the ATC schedule


Ohh okay, nevermind. I’m doing an overnight flight tonight, sorry

No worry’s enjoy your flight.

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This event is now back open @Oskapew

@Oskapew forgot to change the time it is tomorrow.

Is there anyway I can depart but then leave or something like that?

Maybe extra fighter jet near airport?

Yeah you can fly for however long you want then break off and land before the rest of us.