30JUN / 1400Z - Zurich fly out @LSZH-LEMD

  • Aircraft and Livery: f-22 & ac-130

  • Route: LSZH-LEMD

  • Time of Departure: 4:15

  • Server training
    we will all start at the Eastern GA sectors and fly in groups of two.

Group 1:@planeviation

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 5:

Group 6:

Group 7:

Group 8:

Group 9:

Group 10:

Group 11:

Group 12:

Please follow the #live:groupflights guidelines. Group Flights must be posted within 3 hours of the event.

If I am reading the title correctly - this event isn’t for around 6 hours.

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Sorry I am still really new

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I can see that. However most of our forum categories have specific criteria for the topics that are posted. Just giving them a read over is my advice for you.

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I did and tried but…😧I am speechless 😶

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There’s no need to be afraid! It’s all a learning experience! Below, I’ve linked what an optimal group flight should look like, courtesy of forum member @ran.

18JUN20/2130Z - The Fifth Busiest Route In The World @VABB to @VIDP


🙏 thank you

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Should I make additional adjustments oorrrrrr

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I’d suggest flagging this one for closure, and then when it is within three hours of departure, you can post a new thread. Let me know if you need any other help!


Thank you so much, you’re already invited to my next flyout

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There’s no limits when you let your imagination run free! I’ve flown the F-22 transcontinental before. Planning and confidence is how you’ll make it happen. I believe in you!




I thought what you meant was the “Time of departure” …

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I did???huh?

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Again…still very new

No, nothing wrong about that. People above thought that was the flight time for some reason, that’s why I wanted to point it out.

Ill be joining! I will be group 1 :D

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