30JUL23 / 1700Z - Fly-out GA Santos Dumont 150 years @ SBRJ

Credits: Brazilian Air Force (FAB)

Server: Expert!

Hello Aviators!! We at the Infinite Flight Brasil 🇧🇷 (IFBR) team would like to invite everyone to participate in this special event in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alberto Santos Dumont, one of the Fathers of Aviation. The event will be held at Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ), which was named in his honor. It is a moment of great pride to be able to pay this homage to such an important Brazilian hero for aviation, and to demonstrate our recognition for his contributions.

About Santos Dumont

150 years ago, one of the greatest Brazilian inventors was born in the interior of Minas Gerais: the remarkable Alberto Santos Dumont, considered one of the precursors of aviation and the creation of aircraft in the world. The life story, works and values of our Father of Aviation and Patron of Brazilian Aeronautics are sources of inspiration not only in our country, but in various regions around the planet. His innovations and contributions to aviation are still celebrated today.

Born into a wealthy family in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Santos Dumont showed an early interest in mechanics and inventions. At the age of 18, he moved to Paris, France, where he had access to advanced technologies and knowledge. There, he began designing and building hot air balloons, performing several successful flights and setting records.

Santos Dumont turned his attention to motor aviation. In 1906, he built the 14-Bis, an aircraft powered by a gasoline engine of his own invention. With the 14-Bis, on October 23, 1906, he performed the first approved flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft, covering a distance of 60 meters in Paris.

Santos Dumont continued to perfect his inventions and set other aviation records. In 1907, he flew his plane the Demoiselle, a hand-held monoplane aircraft that influenced future light aircraft designs.

In addition to his technical achievements, Santos Dumont is also known for his charismatic personality and his role as a defender of peace and the development of science for the benefit of humanity. He was an ardent advocate of sharing information and scientific advances for the benefit of all.

The distinguished inventor and one of the Fathers of Aviation died on July 23, 1932, in Guarujá (SP), but his legacy lives on until today. His heart is preserved under the custody of the Brazilian Air Force and is on display at the Aerospace Museum, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Before and after his death, he received many well-deserved honors in Brazil and abroad, including the just epithet “Father of Aviation”. He is remembered not only as an aviation pioneer, but also as a visionary who changed human history.

Elevation: 10’
Runway: 02R/20L: 4341’ (1323m) x 138’ (42m)

  • (as NOTAM on the simulator, runway 02L/20R will not be used!)

  • Apron 2 will be used (“GA Apron GA0X” inside IF), and if more people participate, some of stands in the Apron 1B (“Terminal” inside IF) will be occupied.

  • Please consider the existence of “Sugar Loaf Mountain”!
    Unfortunately it is inverted in the IF due to an error in the topography source. More information about this issue here:


At the start time of the event, there will be a low pass of military aircraft, provided by @Lucas_Botelho, @Tiago_Linhares and @Hiquepiloto as part of the tribute! (update: cancelled…)

As this will be an event focused on light General Aviation, we ask that you prefer to use these aircraft:

Aircraft Proper Stands
C172, SR22, TBM9 GA 3A to 3C and GA 4A to 4C
C208, CL35 GA 01 to 02 and 05 to 09

To better organize the event, below is a list with the name of each stand along with the destination and the name of the pilot.

Pilot Stand Destination / Aircraft
@Hiquepiloto GA 01 SBTV / CL35
GA 02
GA 03A
@Lucas_Botelho GA 03B SBCP / SR22
@Victor_Winter001 GA 03C SBJD / C172
GA 04A
GA 04B
GA 04C
@Fellipe_Eduardo GA 05 SBTC / CL35
GA 06
@Joao_Christ GA 07 SBSP / CL35
GA 08
GA 09
Remote Stand 13
Remote Stand 14
Remote Stand 15
Remote Stand 16
Remote Stand 17
Remote Stand 18
Remote Stand 19

The taxi or pushback order will be given by ATC, below are the taxi directions for each GA Apron Stand. Taxiway J must be used to taxi to the runways!

Frequency Time Controller
Tower 1700Z → 1800Z @Renan or @FELPS07_ARAGAO
Approach ???Z → ???Z


Frequency Time Controller
Brasilia 1700Z → ???Z Reserved (both)

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Credits: @Lucas_Botelho, @JPC & @Fellipe_Eduardo

It will be incredible.🤩


Please reserve this position for me.😃

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The aircraft to be used is the Cirrus SR22. Route (SBRJ) - (SBCP)

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Reserved! 🫡

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Hello, due to availability issues we will postpone this event to next Sunday, the 7/30th at 1700z.

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reserve this one for me, Route Santos Dumont to Jundiai (SBJD) C172


Hey! Reserve this position for me, please! I will do the SBRJ-SBSP route with the CL35. Thanks!


It’s already close folks. Reserve your spot and participate in this incredible event.


This will be 737 to Panama City

Reserve o gate 01 estarei de A319 da Latam para SBFL

⚠️Pay more attention to the aircraft that will be the focus of the event.⚠️


Hi @Renan_YT and @DJW! Only GA aircraft, please. :)

Well ten the CL35?

Sorry I didn’t understand.

Hi! Can I have GA 01? CL35, SBRJ - SBTV :),


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Airport entrance: 1650Z - 1700Z
Start of pushbacks: 1710Z


Some traffic screenshots at the time of the event, including non-participating aircraft that contributed to traffic.

By @Lucas_Botelho

By @Fellipe_Eduardo

Due to admins’ time constraints, unfortunately we can’t gather these screenshots right after the event, so the post just happened now…


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