30JUL22 / 1600Z Baltimore Thurgood Marshall Flyout @KBWI



Thanks for stopping by at the Baltimore Thurgood Marshall Flyout. I hope you enjoy the read and sign up. Baltimore International Airport (BWI) is located in the greater Washington DC area and is one of the 3 airports in the DC area located around 30 miles away from the center of DC. Thurgood Marshall is located in the city of Baltimore. BWI has around 650 daily operations and hosts 22 airlines in 5 concourses. BWI also has some cargo and military operations.BWI is a hub for Southwest Airlines and has 11 million passengers passing through BWI in 2019. I’ve connected through this airport many times on my way from NY to Florida so this airport is a little special to me. So I hope to see you here at the flyout!

Event Information

Time: 2022-07-30T16:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: KISP



Airport Diagram


  • Commercial aircraft use runways 28/10 and 33L/15R. GA and private use runway 33R/15L.

  • Spawn in 10 minutes before event starts.

  • Aircraft not in Infinite Flight will have a close replacement and airlines not in the game will fly generic or parent company (Condor 767 and Thomas Cook 767).


Concourse A&B house only Southwest. Concourse C houses American, Contour and Southwest. Concourse D houses all other US domestic airlines and Air Canada. Concourse E is international, Spirit and Southwest international arrive here. They will depart also depart here in this flyout for more flight operations.You also may switch a destination to another real one if the one you want to fly to is taken or isn’t or isn’t a destination available. Southwest and Spirit destinations were determined on a wheel spin so you can change them. You may also change the plane if it’s compatible with its gate.

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
A1 Southwest B738 Tampa 3D KTPA -
A2 Southwest B737 St. Louis KSTL -
A3 Southwest B738 Los Angeles 3D KLAX -
A4 Southwest B737 Birmingham (AL) KBHM -
A5 Southwest B737 Columbus-Glen KCMH -
A6 Southwest B737 Albuquerque KABQ -
A7 Southwest B738 Nashville KBNA -
A8 Southwest B737 Grand Rapids KGRR -
A9 Southwest B737 Savannah KSAV -
A10 Southwest B737 Panama City (FL) KECP -
A11 Southwest B737 Portland (ME) KPWM -
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
B1 Southwest B738 Dallas - Love KDAL -
B2 Southwest B737 Louisville KSDF -
B3 Southwest B737 Providence KPVD -
B4 Southwest B738 Cleveland KCLE -
B5 Southwest B737 Syracuse KSYR -
B6 Southwest B737 Indianapolis KIND @A10f4ang
B7 Southwest B738 Fort Myers 3D KRSW -
B8 Southwest B738 Albany 3D KALB -
B9 Southwest B737 Islip KISP -
B10 Southwest B738 Aruba TNCA -
B11 Southwest B737 Chicago-Midway KMDW -
B12 Southwest B738 Orlando KMCO -
B13 Southwest B737 Pittsburgh KPIT -
B14 Southwest B738 San Diego 3D KSAN -
B15 Southwest B737 Jacksonville (FL) KJAX -
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
C1 American CRJ2 (E145) New York JFK 3D KJFK -
C2 Contour C750 Macon KMCN -
C3 American B738 Dallas/Fort Worth KDFW @aviation2929
C4 American A321 Charlotte 3D KCLT @AviatorRyan
C5 American CRJ2 (E145) Chicago O’Hare KORD -
C6 American CRJ7 Miami 3D KMIA -
C7 Southwest B737 Charleston 3D KCHS -
C8 Southwest B738 Las Vegas 3D KLAS -
C9 Southwest B738 Houston-Hobby 3D KHOU -
C10 Southwest B738 New Orleans KMSY -
C11 Southwest B738 Fort Lauderdale KFLL -
C12 Southwest B738 Phoenix 3D KPHX -
C13 Southwest B737 Myrtle Beach 3D KMYR -
C14 Southwest B738 San Juan TJSJ -
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
D1 JetBlue BCS3 Boston 3D KBOS -
D2 Frontier A320 Orlando KMCO -
D3 Frontier A320 San Salvador MSLP -
D4 Frontier A321 Denver 3D KDEN -
D5 Sun Country B738 Minneapolis - St. Paul KMSP -
D7 Air Canada Express CRJ9 Toronto Pearson 3D CYYZ -
D8 Spirit A320 Detroit KDTW -
D10 Spirit A320 Denver 3D KDEN -
D11 Spirit A321 Los Angeles 3D KLAX -
D12 Spirit A321 Tampa 3D KTPA -
D13 United B738 San Francisco 3D KSFO -
D14 Spirit A320 Myrtle Beach 3D KMYR -
D15 United A320 Chicago O’Hare KORD -
D16 United B738 Houston Intercontinental KIAH -
D19 A Free Remote Stand -
D20 Alaska B739 Seattle/Tacoma 3D KSEA -
D21 Allegiant A320 Punta Gorda KPGD -
D22 Avelo B738 New Haven KHVN @United403
D23 Delta B739 Detroit KDTW -
D24 Delta B739 Minneapolis/St.Paul KMSP -
D25 Delta CRJ9 New York JFK 3D KJFK -
D26 Delta A321 Atlanta 3D KATL -
D29 Delta A321 Salt Lake City KSLC -
D36 Boutique TMB9 Altoona KAOO -
Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
E1 British Airways B789 London Heathrow 3D EGLL -
E2 Spirit A321 Montego Bay MKJS -
E3 Atlas Air B744 Ramstein ETAR -
E4 Icelandair B752 Reykjavik-Keflavik 3D BIKF -
E5 Air Senegal A339 Dakar-Diass via New York JFK GOBD via KJFK -
E6 Condor (Thomas Cook) B763 Frankfurt 3D EDDF -
E7 USAF C30J Moody AFB 3D KVAD -
E8 PLAY (WOW) A320 Reykjavik-Keflavik 3D BIKF -
E9 Southwest B737 San Jose Del Cabo 3D MMSD -
E10 Southwest B738 San Jose (CR) 3D MROC -
E12 Southwest B738 Cancun MMUN -

Pick a cargo airline, aircraft and destination and I’ll give you a gate.


Pick and aircraft and a destination or fly VFR and I’ll find you a gate.

Thanks for reading this and hope to see you here!


Ill take C3 please

Ok @Aviation2929 youre signed up.


I will do this one. Thanks. :)

Ok @AviatorRyan you’re signed up.

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Awesome! Thank you! :)

Can I take this one to IND on a 737-700?

Could I please take Avelo’s flight to HVN

@A10f4ang ive have you one the board for a B737 to Indianapolis at B6.

@United403 you have the flight to new haven

thanks much

Just a heads up, I fixed the Zulu time to align with the global time. The event is supposed to take place at 12:00pm EST and NOT 1:00pm as it previously showed

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