30JUL21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Welcome to 21.4!

Wonderful FNF! Love the Area 1 and Area 2 idea.

makes me want to do a sleepover flight from asia to europe given that it switches over to area 2 a few hours before i normally wake up


Yes that’s actually a great idea! Good luck.

You are all doing great! Keep it like this!

Small piece of feedback: maybe the regions should have been swapped to provide more day-time ATC.

Hey brother its called FNF:)

I would think that name is because most people fly FNF on Friday evening.

South East Asia and Australia have had coverage all day. We have now moved over to Western Europe where we will be here until 6:00Z tomorrow.

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im currently doing a flight from WSSS to LSZH! i just woke up and have just under 5 hours to go with the flight.

I will be there tonight!

which runways are being used in Zurich at the moment?

Last ATC was using 34 I think.

I am desending now into EGLL now after a 12 hour flight from WSSS

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I think you were behind me for almost all the way into europe until we deviated from each other above slovakia or something as i was flying to Zurich from WSSS