30JUL20 / 1800Z - Dubai to Karachi @ OMDB to OPKC

Emirates 777-300ER/PIA 777-200LR



Training Server

OMDB(Dubai Airport)-OPKC(Karachi Airport)
Airline:- PIA 777-200LR/Emirates 777-300ER
Flight time:- Approx 2 Hours
Flight level: FL320-360
Speed:-M.85(Make sure not to overtake anyone)
Those who wants to join, let me know down below!
Copy flight plan from me
Spawn before 5 minutes at the airport

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Cooler Group Flight, but unfortunately I can’t make it anymore :(

You could do it again if the new 777-300ER was updated :)

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Hello! Can you please provide a date for your groupflight please?


It was provided. July 30th. The title’s just a bit messed up, I’ll fix it now. :)

Be sure to read the guidelines on how to title a group flight!

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That was a good flight, thanks for organising it :)

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