30JAN22 / 1100Z - Meet At Winter Olympic @ VHHH to ZBAA

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Meet at Winter Olympic | CXVA One Year Anniversary Event


Welcome to CXVA One Year Anniversery Event. How time flies, it is hard to believe that CXVA has spent one year here and got a great time. Thanks for all the support from the kind people along the way and we will keep going.

The Olympic Games are the world’s most famous major sports competition, and it is the dream of countless athletes. 2008 Summer Olympics was held in Beijing, and the wonderful opening ceremony performance left a deep impression on countless people. This time, 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing again, and Beijing will be the first city in the world that has hosted both Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics.


Event details

🌏Airport: VHHH ------------✈----------- ZBAA

⏰Time: 2022-01-30T11:00:00Z

🚩Server: Expert Sever( Grade3 required )

✈ Aircraft: any

🧑‍✈️Routes:copy @HenryD1

ATC: ZBAA Ground&Tower&Atis @ButterAllDay
ZBAA APP @korgast
VHHH Ground&Tower&Atis @Rohann

The departure airport chart is listed below

How to sign up

  • Reply to this thread with your information. For example, G_Captain CXVA001 W42

The available gates are listed below:

Gate Callsign Aircraft
W40 CXVA123 @Piggywu CXVA reserved
W42 B-HYD/CXVA109 @HenryD1 CXVA reserved
W44 CXVA reserved
W46 CXVA251 @StevenFlightZBAA CXVA reserved
W48 CXVA998 @CannedPig_ZSAM CXVA reserved
W50 CXVA7501 @Jason_Soung CXVA reserved
W121 CXVA65 @1874yyq CXVAreserved
W122 CXVA253 @Swithord CXVA reserved
W123 CXVA012 @Loveaviation CXVA reserved
W124 CXVA891 @StevenXu CXVA reserved
W125 CXVA reserved
D306 CXVA reserved
D307 CXVA reserved
D308 CXVA reserved
D309 CXVA reserved
D310 CXVA reserved
W61 WCVA reserved
W63 WCVA reserved
W65 WCVA reserved
W67 Air France 1968 @Mrbeast6000 WCVA reserved
W69 WCVA reserved
N34 AIVA reserved
N36 AIVA reserved
N60 AIVA reserved
N62 AIVA reserved
N64 AIVA reserved
N66 AIVA reserved
N68 Cathay 001AB @PlaneLife2018 AIVA reserved
S41 BAVA reserved
S43 BAVA reserved
S45 BAVA reserved
S47 BAVA reserved
S49 BAVA reserved
S109 BAVA reserved
S110 BAVA324 @Atharva_Takalkar BAVA reserved
S111 BAVA reserved
D201 B-1011V @Simon_Guo1 IFC
D203 B-426Y @qzz23 IFC
D205 Dynasty 682 heavy @NXxiaowang IFC
D207 Cathay 311AK @AV-AMAN IFC
D209 I-JANL @JiamingL IFC
D211 CZVG858 @youmans IFC
D213 IFC
D217 N747CB @Faizaan_Ahmad IFC
D218 IFC
D301 F-LTGT @FlightGT IFC
D302 Qantas 345VG @Zwitserke IFC
D303 IFC
D304 IFC
D305 IFC
D202 UPS 906VA @Chief_Beef UPSVirtual reserved
D204 UPS 003VA @Bobby_Burg UPSVirtual reserved
D206 UPS 002VA @zand3r UPSVirtual reserved
D208 UPS 269VA @Cpt_knick UPSVirtual reserved
D210 UPSVA707 @Ouzy UPSVirtual reserved
D212 UPSVirtual reserved
D214 UPSVirtual reserved
S35 American 323VA @C-Rich22 AAVA reserved
S33 American 311AVA @Misha_Kuchuk AAVA reserved
S31 AAVA reserved
S29 AAVA223 @Adam_Jehle AAVA reserved
S27 AAVA364 VA @americanboeing AAVA reserved
S25 AAVA reserved
D321 CZVG reserved
D322 CZVG reserved
D323 CZVG reserved
D324 CZVG reserved
D325 CZVG reserved


  • Spawn with the correct aircraft and livery. Use your reserved callsign please.
  • Follow the server rules especially ATC order. Use unicom when ATC isn’t present.
  • Be respectful to other pilot and keep approprite separation.
  • You don’t need to be our pilots to attend this event so just enjoy this event

Partnership of this event




Click above to view their official thread!


Click me to apply for CXVA


Good thread and good event!
May all of you be successful in this event!


Hello! I’d like to control ground, tower, and ATIS for the arrival at ZBAA. Thanks!

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Thank you, I will add to thread

Good luck to this event !

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Thank you !

Nice event!

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Will staff GTS at VHHH

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Thank you!

I sign up! HenryD1 CXVA109 W42

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Hey guys would like to sign up :) Bparker268 W44 CXVA reserved. Sounds fun!

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Hello, that is reserved for CXVA pilots, could you select another one?There are BAVA reserved gates. Sorry for that. And what is your callsign?

Hey mate sorry been busy and the time difference. Current call sign, or that of the event? I’ll be flying British Airways 777 = Speedbird 268 Heavy. My IF ID is Bparker268

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You’re signed up

This gate pls!
Nice event!

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Thanks for coming!You’re signed up!

I sigh up!♿️ NXxiaowang Dynasty 682 heavy D205

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Thanks for coming!You’re signed up!

I want to participate B-426Y D203

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Thanks for coming!You’re signed up!

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