30JAN21 / 1800Z - Mini Flyout! Event 1! @ KBUF and @ KIAG

Hey everyone im starting a new event series I will be occasionally doing. in summary is going to focus on small regional airports around the world! so we will only be doing Airports that either has these categories: ethier has very few airlines and routes, but also has GA. or has quite a few airlines and routes as long as their domestic ex. Canada to the US or US to some Mexico Locations. no major HUB airports ex. Charlotte airport. so really the biggest your gonna find is a type of airport like KBUF. anyways about the airports: Buffalo Niagra Int’l airport is in Cheektowaga, New York. The airport serves Buffalo, New York, United States, and the southern Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, Canada. It is the third-busiest airport in the state of New York and the busiest outside of the New York City metropolitan area. It is about 11 mi (18 km) east of Downtown Buffalo and 60 mi (97 km) southeast of Toronto although the driving distance is 106 mi (171 km). The airport covers 1,000 acres. It is home to GA, Delta, American, Southwest, United, Frontier, Jetblue, UPS, and FedEx, it also has a seasonal flight to Cancun with Vivareobus. Niagara Falls Int’l is located 4 mi (6.4 km) east of downtown Niagara Falls, in the Town of Niagara in Niagara County, New York. Owned and operated by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, the airport is a joint civil-military airfield and shares its runways with the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. A new terminal building opened in 2009. It is notable for serving vastly more Canadian passengers from over the nearby border than Americans. Allegiant is the only Airline that still has passenger service as spirit suspended their flights there back in October due to covid but will most likely resume soon so you will see those flights as well.

Server: Expert.


1800Z 2021-01-30T18:00:00Z


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Main Terminal
Airline     Aircraft            Route      Gate       Pilot
VivaAreobus A320             Cancun MMUN     1        @MJP_27
American    737-800          Dallas KDFW     2        @zion89
Frontier    A321            Orlando KMCO     3 
American    CRJ-900    Philidelphia KPHL     4
American    A321          Charlotte KCLT     5
American    CRJ-700    Reagen Int'l KDCA     6
Jetblue     A320     John F Kennady KJFK     7        @Marco_Rdz
Jetblue     ERJ-190          Boston KBOS     8        @DeltaFox
Jetblue     A320        Los Angeles KLAX     9
United      CRJ-700          Newark KEWR    10
United      CRJ-700         Chicago KORD    12
United      CRJ-200      Washington KIAD    14
Southwest   737-800       Las Vegas KLAS    15
Southwest   737-700         Chicago KMDW    16
Southwest   737-700       Baltimore KBWI    17        @Butter1
Southwest  737-800           Tampa KTPA     18
Southwest   737-800         Phoenix KPHX    19
Southwest   737-800 Fort Lauderdale KFLL    20
Southwest   737-700      Fort Myers KRSW    21
Delta       ERJ-170         Detroit KDTW    22
Delta       A321            Atlanta KATL    23
Delta       717          La Guardia KLGA    24
Delta       737-800          Boston KBOS    25        @zand3r
Airline      Aircraft      Route      Gate        Pilot
FedEx        MD-11F     Memphis KMEM FedEx Ramp 1
FedEx        MD-11F    Syracuse KSYR FedEx Ramp 2 
UPS          MD-11F Philidelphia KPHL UPS Ramp 1
UPS          MD-11F Louisville KSDF     UPS Ramp 2
GA Gates
Gate    Livery   Aircraft   Route    Pilot



I will explain how to participate at this airport when I make the PM

 Airline     Aircraft       Route      Gate     Pilot
 Alleigiant  A320   St.Petersburg KPIE RWY 6
 Alleigiant  A320 Orlando/Sanford KSFB RWY 24
 Alleigiant  A320     Punta Gorda KPGD RWY 28L  @XxNightFlyerXx
 Alleigiant  A320        Savannah KSAV RWY 10R
 Spirit      A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL RWY 28R
 Spirit      A321    Myrtle Beach KMYR RWY 10L

Thanks for checking out my event! if you want to see my others: @KMEM @KTTN also thanks @MJP_27 for help on some of the gates! And thanks to @Nightt for helping out and running the KIAG airport!


Literally just give me any gate at KBUF, like any

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Ok I’m giving you the gate to Cancun then!

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Got it! Thanks!

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can i have this gate


@zion89 you have been added thanks for joining!

I dont think its a good idea to have spawn on the runways

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I know IAG doesnt have any other spawns but that to me would raise concer

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No they spawn there then I tell them to exit the RWY and taxi to the designated RWY.

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No one would be taking off or anything like that.

2 weeks until the event!

i’ll take Jetblue-A320-John F Kennady KJFK -7 :)


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Next week is the event let’s get some more sign ups!

only a few days left, lets get some more sign ups!

can i have FedEx to syr

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@Butter1 you have been added, thanks for joining!

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Tomorrow is the event, lets get some more signups!

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Can I change to southwest to bwi

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Yep I will change it!