30JAN21 / 1700Z - East Coast to West Coast - Part 2 - #bringbackgroupflights @KJFK-@KSFO (CANCELLED)

Hello IFC,

Today I’m bringing one of the most generic yet fun routes in the North American region. KJFK-KSFO!

Route: KJFK - KSFO
Plane/Airline: Plane choice up to you. Airline choose from AA, JetBlue, and Delta
Time: 2021-01-25T17:00:00Z
Spawn: 15 min in advance gates will be decided closer to the time.


@USA_ATC AA a321

I am not responsible for reports or violations that occurred within this group flight.


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Sorry to barge in like this but you should have a look at this:

I can’t quote the specific line, but basically it says “titles can’t include anything in brackets.”

Thanks for understanding!


Cancelling due to lack of participants

This can be closed

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