30JAN2021 / 0800Z: Qatar Airways Post-blockade Flyout @OTHH

Fly the world’s best airline on short haul routes from Doha.

Specially Featured: A350, 777-200LR, 777-200LR, A319, A388

Routes :
OTHH - OMDB (319, 321)
OTHH - OERK. (77W, 359, 77L, A388)
OTHH - HECA. (788, 359)
OTHH - OEDF. (77W, 788, 359)
OTHH - OOMS. (77L, 359, 319, 321, 788)
OTHH - OJAI. (319, 321, 77W)
OTHH - LTFM. (77W, 359, 321)
OTHH - VRMM. (788, 77W, 359, 319, A346, A388)
OTHH - VCBI. (77W, 359, 77L, A346)
OTHH - OKBK. (319, 321)
OTHH - OLBA. (77W, 77L, 359, 321)
OTHH - OEJN. (359, 77W, 77L)

Gate Allocation:
A gates: A319
B gates: A321
C gates: B788
D gates: A359
E gates: 77W/77L
F gates: A346
G gates: A388

Gate reservation starts now. Please reply in the comment section or PM me @IF_International if you want to secure a slot. I can help you.

Server: Training
Airport: OTHH
Time: 30JAN2021 / 0800Z

I would be grateful if someone could volunteer to be ATC.

Remarks: Single runway operations : 34R.
Spawn at gate @0735 (pilots)
Spawn at ATC @0730 (controllers)
Set aircraft count to very high to see
surrounding planes.
ATC TIP: Clear planes for take-off in this order: A319, A321, B788, B77L, A359, B77W, A346, A388. Maintain separation.

My call sign: Qatari 1049 (Heavy, depends on plane) @IF_International

Thanks for joining!

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Can I do ATC please

Thanks! See you tomorrow!

I’m TL2 already.

Would love to join but timezones don’t match

Oh… What a pity.

Sorry when you first created the event it said you are TL1

How do you explain this?

So who’s joining?

What time dose the event starts tomorrow

08:00 Zulu

Is the event today or tomorrow

It is today I think

30 Jan 2021 (Zulu time)

Are you going to the OTTH airport fly out today

Never mind it is 30 th

It depends on where u live

It starts in 8 hours 35 minutes

What time will it be in the pacific time when it starts

12 am. Are you in pacific time?