30DEC20 / 2000Z - InfiniteArya Presents: 200 Subscriber Special Edition #2 @KSFO-SCEL

200 Subscriber Celebration Version #2

Due to the previous flight being hosted on the Expert Server, some people weren’t able to make it. Hence, I redid the flight, but this time, on the Training Server!

Flying from 🇺🇸 San Francisco (KSFO) - Santiago (SCEL) 🇨🇱 . 12 hours flight time.

Date: 29th December 2020 (Tuesday)

Time: 2020-12-29T20:00:00Z2020-12-29T20:00:00Z

I will be flying in American B77W but you can fly in Delta or United. Fuel: Use the amount of fuel that your aircraft requires.

The flight is taking place in 55 hours from the time of post.
Gate details shortly before flight starts.
Copy FPL from me (@aryachopra)
Hope to see you there :)

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Sounds like a good flight I will save the date & time

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Cool! Should I assign you a gate tomorrow?

Yes, I will be flying United31 B77W

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Hey @Legacy31. Please make note of the time change.

got it man, i am ready

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I’ll join! The timing works perfect for me!

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@RomR_Aviation & @Legacy31; Event in 1 hour 30 minutes, join in 1 hour 25 minutes.

Additional Details:

  • Cruise: 36,000 ft
  • Speed: Mach 0.86
  • Gate details - provided soon.
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Spawn in 25 minutes on gates E & F (Terminal 3)

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putting the altitudes now

Oh sorry, is it fine if I join a little late, or have you taken off.

We had taken off :(

Hey @Legacy31, @RomR_Aviation! I had a few issues with LNAV after takeoff and my flight wasn’t following the FPL as usual for a while. Due to that, I request all attendees to remain parked and not to unspawn until I land (10 - 15 mts) so we can take a group picture.

Anyways, the first person to land can park wherever and the rest of the flights will follow.

Additionally, please reply with your IG/Facebook username so I can shout you out when I upload a timelapse video of this on my YouTube.

Speaking of my YouTube Channel, subscribe to it and check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6s7BW5Hcn-bTdvoles01A

Lastly, check out my Discord Server for more information about my channel, group flights (like this one) and many pertinent announcements: Discord

Thanks for reading through and hope everyone butters their landings’!

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