30DEC20/1100Z- Flying the Longest Flight in the World! @ KJFK to WSSS

Join me and @applepro243 as we do the world’s longest flight from John F Kennedy Airport to Singapore Changi!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Singapore Airlines A350

  • Route: KJFK to WSSS

  • Time of Departure: 2020-12-30T11:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:
    Flight time is about 19 hours
    Copy the flight plan from @applepro243
    Cruise at 37000 feet Mach 0.85
    Stay 5-10 nautical miles away from each other
    Spawn 10 minutes before departure
    Reply below if you want to join

                                                  See you there!

its switched to expert btw

I Will join in

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I would come but I’m currently doing london to Sydney- landing in 6 hours now.

Copy the flight plan from @applepro243 in 5 minutes

Its ok, i udnerstand

G-OOOD right.

yeah copy his fp

join our pm i invited you into

I am joining in now!

join the pm i invited you into

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