30AUG23: Tallin Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome everyone to the beautiful and historic city of Tallin, the capital of Estonia in northern Europe, bordering the Gulf of Finland! Know for many many things including its medieval castles with the most famous one being Toompea Castle, which houses the Estonian Parliament. Join me on the second to last day of August to give this stunning airport and city the traffic it needs to end summer with a bang!!

Event Info
Airport: Tallin Airport EETN
Time: 2300Z, 5pm mst
Date: 30th August, 2023
Server: Expert Server


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
M2 Air Baltic Amsterdam BCS3 @PhorzaSky
M3 Air Baltic Vilnius BCS3 @United403
M4 Air Baltic Salzburg BCS3 @Wonderousbuilder641
M5 Air Baltic Split BCS3 @RagonDragon
M6 Air Baltic Nice BCS3
M7 Air Baltic Riga BCS3 @Apple_Haye
M8 Air Baltic Berlin BCS3 @Kheelan_Sarathee
M9 Air Baltic Brussels BCS3
M12 Air Baltic Split BCS3
M13 Air France Paris BCS3
M15 Air Baltic Nice BCS3 @Mort
Remote Gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
M14 Aegean Athens A320
M17 Finnair Helsinki E175 @N889FQ
M18 Finnair Helsinki E190 @Bay_Area_Aviation
M19 Air Nordica Tenerife-South CRJ7
M20 Swiss Zurich BCS3
M21 BBJ Riga B737 @Artemiypilot
M23 Ryanair Stockholm B738
M24 Ryanair Barcelona B738
M25 LOT Warsaw-Chopin E175 @Enox_Alvarez
M26 Lufthansa Frankfurt E190 @Frankfurt05
M27 Lufthansa Frankfurt E190 @Ty_Davis
M29 Ryanair London Stansted B738
M30 Peagsus Antalya B738
M31 Norwegian Oslo B738 @DJW

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @BenjiTheBull
Ground @BenjiTheBull
Tower @BenjiTheBull


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

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gimme my paris gate😡

@BenjiTheBull would you like that on Baguette airlines or on the Lime A220

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A220 de baguette s’il vous plaît

Me secretly admiring your french

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This please!


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roger that! enjoy your flight to the mega hub

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This gate is being handed over to enthusiasticaviation at this time… please

à ton service mon ami

Me, please!

@Mort, @anon38552190 already laid claim to that

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It’s on there twice…

Oh… didn’t realize that 😅
I’ll add you to the second gate then

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@PhorzaSky coming right up

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I doubt I’ll be able to make this event, but I’ll take this one to make me feel included lol

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@Wonderousbuilder641 I’ll sign you up right away

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i’ll take this and continue on to gatwick

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@DJW amazing choice