30AUG20 / 1800Z – Phuket to Singapore @ VTSP to WSSS

  • Aircraft and Livery: A330/350/380, B777/787, DC10 Singapore Airlines
    A319 Silkair

  • Route: VTSP-WSSS | Flight Plan will be provided to copy

  • Time of Departure: 18:15 Zulu

  • Server: Training Server


  • Additional Information:
    🔼Flightlevel 250
    ➡️Speed 320 knots
    🕗Duration 1.5 Hours

This group flight does not include ATC. Departure in short intervals.

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Hey! I might be able to join if the event is delayed by 2 hours! Nice job btw!

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Hey! Can you change the time to 2000Z?

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