30AUG20 / 1600Z - Let's Fill Up Seattle-Tacoma Intl! @ KSEA | CANCELLED

The Seattle-Tacoma International Flyout @ KSEA

Main Information About SeaTac

Hello and welcome to another event of mine! This time around we will be headed to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington with a population of over 3.4 million people, this makes for the airport to be big and have a wide variety of destinations. In 2019 alone, Seattle Tacoma International welcomed over 51.8 million people.

Alaska and Delta share the market in Seattle. Alaska Airlines has 42% of commercial movements, and Delta Airlines has 19% of the movements that happen at SeaTac. Alaska Airlines is a major North American airline with flights to the East Coast, Central America, and even Hawaii. Delta Airlines flights all over the globe from Seattle. Delta has flights to Asia and Europe! So this will make for a very diverse selection of destinations.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Time: 2020-08-30T16:00:00Z / 1600Z

Airport: Seattle Tacoma International | KSEA

Gates and Destinations

Concourse A | Delta, United Airlines
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft Pilot
A1 PANC Delta B739
A2 KBOS Delta B738
A3 KLAX Delta B738 @Gonzo
A4 PAFA Delta B738 @Johhhn
A5 KLAS Delta A319
A6 KJFK Delta B752
A7 KDTW Delta B739
A8 KORD United B739
A10 KSLC Delta B738
A11 KPHX Delta B738
A12 KIAH United A320
A13 PHNL Delta B752
A14 KATL Delta B739/B752
Concourse B | Delta, Spirit, Southwest Airlines
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft Pilot
B1 KMSP Delta B739
B3 KDEN Delta E170
B4 KRDM Delta E170
B5 KPDX Delta E170
B6 KLAS Spirit A320/A321
B7 KGEG Delta E170
B8 KSJC Southwest B738
B9 KBOI Delta E170
B10 KMDW Southwest B738 @ORD777flyer
B11 CYVR Delta E170
B12 KSTL Southwest B737 @Seth_N
B14 KDEN Southwest B737 @Saharsh
B15 KOAK Southwest B737
Concourse C | Alaska, Horizon Airlines
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft Pilot
Q1 KBOI Horizon DH8D
Q2 KBIL Horizon DH8D
Q3 KGPI Horizon DH8D
Q4 KRNO Horizon DH8D
Q5 KGEG Horizon DH8D
Q6 KPDX Horizon DH8D @anon38496261
Q7 KMSO Horizon DH8D
Q8 KEUG Horizon DH8D
Q10 KAWL Horizon DH8D
Q12 KMFR Horizon DH8D
Q13 KEAT Horizon DH8D
Q14 KPSC Horizon DH8D
Q15 KPUW Horizon DH8D
Q16 KGTF Horizon DH8D
C3 PANC Alaska B738/B739
C4 KOMA Horizon (generic) E170
C6 KSLC Horizon (generic) E170
C8 KONT Horizon (generic) E170
C9 KSNA Alaska A320
C10 KDAL Horizon (generic) E170
C11 KDFW Alaska B739
C15 KORD Alaska B739
C17 PANC Alaska B739
C18 KOAK Horizon (generic) E170
C20 KSMF Horizon (generic) E170
C22 KPSP Horizon (generic) E170
Concourse D | Alaska, American Airlines
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft Pilot
D1 KLAX Alaska B739 @George_Alazar
D2 KSTL Alaska B739 @nativetoalaska
D3 KDCA Alaska A320/A321 (generic)
D4 KBOS Alaska B739
D5 KSAN Alaska A320/A321 (generic) @jfc52
D7 KCMH Alaska A320
D8 KMSP Alaska A320
D9 KORD American B738
D10 KDFW American A321
D11 KPHX American A321
North Satellite | Alaska Airlines | ASVA Reserved
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft ASVA Pilot
N1 KSAT Alaska B739
N2 KIAH Alaska B738
N3 PHNL Alaska B739
N4 KGSO Alaska B739
N6 KRDU Alaska B739
N7 KPHL Alaska B739
N8 KABQ Alaska A320
N9 KTPA Alaska B739
N10 KMCO Alaska B739
N11 KIAD Alaska B739
N12A KDEN Alaska A320/A321 (generic)
N12B KATL Alaska B739
N12C KPIT Alaska B739
N16 KJFK Alaska A320/A321 (generic)
South Satellite {Intl Concourse} | British Airways, Delta, Emirates, Lufthansa, etc.
Gate Destination Livery and Aircraft Pilot
S1 VHHH Cathay Pacific A359 @Derp_PH
S2 RCTP EVA Airways B78X
S3 EGLL British Airways B789
S4 CYVR Air Canada E170 @Mukundan_Srivatsa
S5 OMDB Emirates B77W @MacGyver
S7 KBOS jetBlue A321 @John19
S8 ZSPD Delta Airlines A359
S9 EDDF Luftansa A333 @Canadian_Aviator
S11 LFPG Air France B772 @Bryan
S12 RKSI Korean Airlines B772
S15 EHAM Delta Airlines A333 @InfiniteArya
S16 WSSS Singapore Airlines A359 @HappyDays

*Many domestic airlines such as jetBlue, Frontier, Hawaiian, and Sun Country also operate out of S Satellite

*Also, many of the Alaskan Airlines routes are interchangeable with destinations, so if you don’t see one, request it!

Cargo Destinations

Cargo Stands

*added if wanted

This Event is Proudly Partnered with Alaska Virtual Airlines


Alaska Virtual is a very professional, popular, and member friendly organization. With some of the hardest working and friendliest staff members, you can always be assured that your questions, problems, and concerns will all be answered or solved in a timely manner. Alaska Virtual uses some of the highest level of technology among virtual airlines, with the usage of slack, airtable, and even a crew center coming soon!

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Please act respectful to other pilots.

Use unicom if no ATC.

Follow ATC instructions if present.

Departing runways will be announced day of.

Have a great time!




I’ll take an Alaska gate to PANC, please!


S11 LFPG Air France B772

Can I please get this gate

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Can I take this? Please


Are there any Alaska routes to KSTL? They operate it IRL with the 739.


@anon38496261 @nativetoalaska @Canadian_Aviator @Bryan all of you are signed up!


Can I take a gate for Air Canada to YVR?

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As of now can I get B12 to STL pls

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@Joseph007 Hey! I just realized this is on a Sunday. Can I please take the Alaska Dash 8 to KPDX instead? Thanks!

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Can I fly the Southwest 737-800 to MDW please

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@Campusgod @Seth_N @anon38496261 @ORD777flyer you’re all in!


Thank you sir

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Plenty of gates left. Sign up!

Can i have s15 to amsterdam

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Of course! Thanks for signing up!

S1 to Hong Kong?

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Yep! Sorry for the delay.

Hopefully this can get some more interest, or else I might not have it due to lack of it.

May I get this gate?

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Thanks for joining sir :D

Sign me up on this, please!

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