30AUG20 / 0630Z - Going for Grade 5! (Part 2) - @ OMAA to RPLL

Hey all! You may or may not have known that my last “Going for Grade 5” was a complete fail 😔

I had received a violation for overspeed as I stalled out due to strong winds. That had set me back to Grade 3. Tonight, I will reattempt and will be getting Grade 5 overnight (PDT)

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Time - 0630Z Pushback time or 2020-08-30T06:30:00Z

Route - Abu Dhabi (OMAA) to Manila (RPLL)

Flight Time - 8 hours and 45 Minutes | 8:45

Aircraft and Livery - Etihad 2016 or Old 777-300ER

I will be creating a PM for those who come including the gate spawn, FPL, and climb / descent profiles! See you there!

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Totally understandable if any of you cannot attend!

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Yeah my last flight was a fail too 😂

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Will attend 😉
Just make sure to land this time lol

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Yeah I’ll attend too!
Haven’t flown the -300 in a while

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Great! Thanks @anon74260613 @ZinZowe

I’ll make sure to not brutally fall to my eternal fate and receive another violation

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Can’t make this, unfortunately, however I wish you the best of luck!

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I just saw this as I departed Doha for Manila. What a pity! Have fun anyways, don’t get to Grade 2 instead :)

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Grade 2 😳😳😳😳

Ah dang, safe flights!

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imma be crying if so…

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