30ARR22 / 1600Z - The Great Dulles Flyout @KIAD

Bumping for more pilots :)

im gonna try and make it

Hope to see u there!

@Pilot_InfiniteFlight as per the above cited, I’ll be flying out ETH 501 KIAD - HAAB in the 77L. They’re Star Alliance members, I’ll be departing from any gate at Terminal A correct?

You can use any gate that you’d like, but I’d recommend using a real world flight gate for your flight to add some more realism :)

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Ill be flying into Dulles today from Denver

Roger see you there!

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Im 20 min out, coming in on 19C.

Please use the 1’s runways as that’s what being used IRL

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Going around

we’re 7 mins in, i guess the event if officially underway. Will there still be ATC, or can we push-back and take-off at our discretion?

You guys can push back whenever

I was expecting ATC but they never showed up. Use RWY 1C for departures

Im coming in 1C

Roger butter it!

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Wilco Delta 3406

I’m gonna go ahead and push

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Roger use 1C for departure

Im 5 min out