30ARR22 / 1600Z - The Great Dulles Flyout @KIAD


Hello IFC and welcome to The Great Dulles Flyout! This event will take place at Washington Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia. KIAD was made 3D a few updates ago. All the information will be below!

Event Information
Airport: Washington Dulles (KIAD)
Date and Time: 2022-04-30T16:00:00Z
Server: Expert

This event is different unlike my other events in the past. This event will NOT have gate sign-ups, but I do recommend saying that you are going in the box at the bottom. If it has a lot of pilots attending, I will create a second wave an hour later. It will make traffic move more efficient, and everyone can get the gate that they want!

Air Traffic Control (ATC)
If you want to be ATC for this event, please PM me and tell me what you want to control. If ATC is not active, please use UNICOM wisely. I will NOT be responsible for any violations you may recieve.

KIAD Ground: @bbrockairbus

KIAD Tower: @bbrockairbus

KIAD ATIS: @bbrockairbus

KIAD Departure:

Washington Center:

Extra Information
One main thing that I would like during this event is realism. My goal is to try to get every pilot attending to use realistic routes, somewhat realistic gates (probably not going to happen), realistic planes, and realistic liveries.

Streamers/Plane Spotters
I am adding this section for people who like to plane spot and stream. If you are going to stay on the ground the entire time and plane spot, please park at the GA ramp to be out of the way. If you are going to be plane spotting and flying just leaving last, just park at your gate that you’re going to flyout from. Please PM to let me know if you are plane spotting. Now streamers, please let me know if you are streaming because I will put your IFC, and YouTube, or Twitch account link below.

Plane Spotters:

Streamers: @Captain2 YouTube

If any virtual airlines want to sponsor this event, please PM me! I will list all sponsors below.



I would like to give a big thank you to @A10f4ang for creating the animated event banner!

Now let’s try to make this the biggest IFC event ever. Now click “Going” if you are attending to get a rough estimate on how many pilots are attending. I will see you all there!

i’ll prob be a few mins late for this one i work till 12 :)

i think im doing a b737-9 to Knoxville, Tn. My home state :D

Roger! Hope to see u there!

Come on everyone let’s get some action!

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Any more pilots?

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Are there gates

no gate sign ups and we can fly anywhere with any aircraft :)

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Sweet can’t wait

Just say u r going in the thing above

Hoping this can get big!

I’ll be flying a United 777-200 to Paris

See you there!

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Excited for the event!

Let’s fill the gates!

I’ll be flying to VIDP

I’d love to see more people here! This airport is awesome!

I am proud to announce our first Virtual Airline to sponsor my event! @Ethiopian_Virtual is sponsoring this event alongside with me. Make sure to go check them out!

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Bumping to get more pilot!

I be in the A223 heading to Atlanta