30APR22 / 1800z New England Madness @KBOS

Welcome to New England Madness! This is an event that will take us to one of the most famous cities in the US, Boston! It was founded by colonists more than 300 years ago and now is the largest city in New England. For this event it will be packed as this is based on the IFATC schedule so there will be no gates assignments. There are a host of routes to choose from hope to see y’all there :)

I’m going to need ATC for this event here are the ATC signups


Tower- @Mrbeast6000

ATIS- @Mrbeast6000



Boston Center-

Here is additional info u should know for this event
Server- Expert

Time- April 30, 2022 1:00 PM - April 30, 2022 3:00 PM

Airport- Boston Logan International (KBOS)

Here are some good routes to fly

KBOS-KATL Delta A321/JetBlue A220

KBOS-KJFK Delta CRJ9/JetBlue A220

KTPA-KBOS JetBlue A220/Delta B738

KBOS-KCLT- American A321

KMDW- KBOS Southwest 737 800/700

KBOS-KDCA American A320


This is gonna be a fun event hope to see everyone there and as always happy flying 😀


Looking forward to this event

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I’ll be there for sure fly that JetBlue a220 to Tampa!!


Let’s get some more people

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Hello, can I take KBOS Ground, tower and ATIS please

Mrbeast6000, IFATC specialist

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It will depend on traffic, otherwise I’ll take tower and ATIS and I’ll split with someone else

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Umm ok I have someone already thinking about atc u can split if u would like


I will probably fly to MDW


Okay sounds good to me!

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I’ll take tower and ATIS

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Ok sounds good

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I’ve already done the Southwest 737 KMDW to KBOS… That’s a route from where I live to where I grew up.

I might just be able to plan well and arrive at your event time.

We are 9 days out who is ready for fun

Just finished editing

Wish I could be there

It’s ok this event is 2 hours

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Wait 2 hours

Yea it’s from 1pm est to 3pm est

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Oooo nice event😁

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Thanks for the interest idk what time this is in India but either way thx