30APR22 / 0700Z - Tibet Spotlight : China Southern Virtual Group Presents @ZUCK

Tibet Spotlight

China Southern Virtual Group Presents

Tibet has some of the most magnificent natural landscapes in mainland China. Known as “the Roof of the World”, it attracts tourists and adventures around the world for maximal exercises like hiking, skiing, and mountaineering. Due to the extremely high elevation surrounded by numerous mountains, the transportation connecting Tibet with the outside world is still very limited and by all means challenging. Some of the airports with the hardest operation procedures in the world are born with the terrain in this region, including Lhasa, Daocheng, and Nyingchi. Only selective A319, A330, B737, and B757 with special oxygen configuration and certified top pilots are allowed to operate in this region. There will be breathtaking views to explore on this route, come join us!

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Flight Time Aircraft Server
ZUCK ZULS 2:45 A330/B757- China Southern Expert
Gate Pilot’s Name
T3 317 @icytwist
T3 316 @GDS111006
T3 315 @canton
T3 314 @RedWings
T3 312 @Luke_Skywalker
T3 311 @Manav

To Be Added if needed

Ground,Tower,Atis @black
Kunming FIR
Ground,Tower,Atis @black

  • Spawn in 10 minutes before the event start.
  • Please follow along with Event Leader
  • Pushback is allowed at the event start time
  • Be professional during the flight, and maintain a safe separation of 7-15 nm during the cruise.
  • Follow ATC instructions if present or use UNICOM professionally.
  • And be respectful to other pilots.

Special Thanks to @Simon_Guo1 (Event Thread Images Design)

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Sounds fun CZVG! Will take this as part of CZVG :)

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Hey, canton, you are signed up! See you there

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It ZUCKS that it is at 3:00 AM for me. Good Luck on your event!


I’m looking forward to it

Wish I could go but it’s at midnight so I can’t make it.

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Can i take T3 311 gate?

Sure! You are signed up.

Nelson S