300kts at 250!ft

I was flying in an f-22 raptor in oskosh and I managed to a archive 500kts under 10000ft whiteout being violated or warned I could have carried on.does the rule appliy to fighters

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You were either flying on the Casual Server or in Solo Mode. The 250 KIAS limit speed below FL100 applies for all aircraft on TS1 and on the Expert Server.


You were on Casual or Solo.

Well, that’s not completely true 😉 we still have the FL100 limit, only the 550GS rule doesn’t apply (would be impossible with 100+ kts tailwind)

I was defo on training

Your game was definetly bugged

You dont get speeding limits outside of airspaces. Watch out, though. You could be ghosted for exceeding 550kt GS below 40.000ft.

Not with fighters :)