300 Subscribers video ideas

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
How y’all doing?
So I am 36 subscribers away from 300 subscribers but I don’t know what type of video idea I should do I just want to plan ahead so I’ll be prepared

The videos I post are about different types of Mobile Flight Simulator
Aerofly FS 2019
RFS- Real Flight Simulator
X-plane 10 Mobile
Infinite Flight Time lapse

I’ll appreciate the ideas you’ll have
-Aviator Gamer


You should get your subscribers to create a flight plan starting at one place and flying to multiple others and end up at the start airport. Just an idea :)


Thanks it would be a crazy idea since I have people from everywhere but that’s not a bad idea

Give them a couple of route options and then see which one is most popular

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Full flight from LAX-SFO in Aerofly then from SFO-LAX in IF.

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As a fellow YouTuber, why not make a movie? I know for a fact the devs would like something that is full of creativity, as I’ve had a few things of mine noticed by them.

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Oh wait, I just realized your Aviator Gamer! Love your Tips and Tricks Videos for Aerofly! I didn’t know that you could open the doors on the Learjet!

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Thanks right know Aerofly FS 2019 isn’t working

Lol thanks for the support

Thanks will add that to the list

Awesome. If you need any film tips from me, I’ll be open from time to time

Alright thank you again for the tip

Weird, for me it’s working just fine!

Lucky wish my game was fixed but I am not the only one with that problem

I think a group flight livestream with your subscribers would be cool. By the way congrats for getting 300 soon! ✈️😉

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Love the YouTube vids bro and many more to come 👌🏻 (CaptainInfinite) Youtuber 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

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Wow wasn’t expecting that profile pic u look 👍 I though you was young 😂 not saying that your old

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That profile pic was in 2015 I’m not a meathead anymore 😂😂 we should collar and make one amazing video for us both to upload 👊🏻 Dm me 👌🏻👍🏻 Let’s make this happen 👊🏻

Do a fulltime IF flight.

BTW I watch your vids, thay are great

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Whatever you do, enjoy the fact that your channel will go well beyond 300 subs.