300 passenger cargo kg

Hi! On average, how many pounds of cargo does a plane with 300 passengers carry? Example: American Airlines 77W LAX-LHR

Depends on a lot of things really doesn’t it, there’s more than suitcases usually, just google it ig

In varies depending on the airline, season, ect. In American Airline’s case, “All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 23kg for Economy & Premium Economy; 32kg for Business & First Class fares […]”, according to this article. There are of course added fees for extra baggage.

So times that by the amount of passengers and you can get a rough estimate of how much baggage there would be.


I usually do about 15kg per pax for regional, 20 for domestic (higher if my flight is a good connection flight to international destinations, such as ZSPD, KJFK) and 30 for international (the argument here is mainly length of stay). Depends on personal taste really. Just don’t go super high like 20000kg or super low like 1000kg

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