300+ Arrivals into KLAX?!?

I won’t believe it until I see a screenshot.

I’ve only ever seen 300 arrivals once before during the FNF as KATL a few months back. That was really interesting. Can’t imagine what KLAX is like.

Considering 20.1 was in June, can’t help you there bud 😂

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Yeah no, the KLAX arrivals went image

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@ZinZowe Give me my Bepes!

Yeah, I am just going into Detroit, far away from the chaos - I bet you I will be a lonely fellow as I land.

Yes, here are your bepes.

Lol I’m just right in the middle of the big wave that’s coming to LAX.


Haven’t seen a hub that busy since lockdown back in the months of March to August! I’ve only seen 90+ arrivals so far since October!