300+ Arrivals into KLAX?!?

I’ve never seen this before! This is the first time Ive seen arrivals crack 300. I can’t imagine how much of a mess it is down there with no ATC either 😂

No real point to this topic, just wanted to acknowledge it.


When 20.1 came out, the FNF surpassed 550 arrivals. That was a time 😂


Holy crap, people need to calm down.

Indeed! This is definitely one of the highest inbounds I’ve seen apart from Tokyo and Atlanta some time back. May control KLAX later, get annoyed and shout at my iPad.


I wish you good luck with that.

Good luck IFATC - you will need it


Anybody on the ground, how is the traffic there? Will my phone melt if I try to depart from KLAX? Are the lines super long?

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Not to bad…,lots of people at the International Terminal but next to no takeoff queues…yet…

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I’ll be dragging my feet around in a caravan tomorrow…good luck IFATC ;)

There are around 30 inbounds due in the next hour at the time of this post so if you are going to depart LAX - it would do it now before the chaos arrives.

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thats 3/5 of the server as of 2020-10-31T08:55:00Z. Crazy…

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Me flying over LAX later today and looking at the approach line:



And the takeoff line for 25R


That’s why I took @BennyBoy’s advice and left 2 hours ago before it got crazy.

Yall have fun with that >:)

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just a meme that I just made rn lol

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I think KLAX is one of the most popular airports in game, along with most big US airports, so naturally it will have that many arrivals.

Gonna flyout LAX again later today to see how its like (Flown out of LAX this morning and approach is getting packed)

Best IF meme I’ve ever seen lmfaosmrn

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When 20.3 comes out, make the FNF at Heathrow. That will crash the simulator in arrivals.