[30 Minutes] GA Telluride Flyout @ KTEX - 191900ZAPR2020

Event is in 2 weeks. Sign up now!!!

Let’s get some more people to attend!

@TheFlyingGuy1 I’m sorry I have something that has came up and I can no longer attend this event.

That’s ok. No worries

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Could I get Hanger #8? Flying a C208 to KPUB.
Kansas_Scotty [N145FP].

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Thank you for signing up

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Can I have hanger 9 please flying a daher tbm-930 to 3CK

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GA main 02, TBM9 to KASE

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I’ll take GA Main 4. I intend to use a CRJ-200 with a generic livery, I enjoy pretending it’s a Challenger 850 Business Jet and fly it everywhere! 🤘🏼

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I won’t be able to attend because I am hosting a fly out at the exact same time.

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My airport will 100 percent be EGLL now

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This looks really neat!
Could I get anything open on the main apron, maybe 04?
I’ll be taking the CRJ-200, which DLVA operates in place of the Challenger 604 at DPJ.

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Adding everyone right now

This one please to KPUB with the tbm

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@Chicago_Aviator your added. I didn’t expect this amount of people attending so I had to put you into a different slot due to other aircraft sizes.

@Luis_Varela your added. I moved you to a hangar next to another small plane to do space available. The GA Apron would have taken of 3 spots.

@Esteban_L your added. I had to but you in east apron 1 so both CRJ2 can fit into the airport realistically. The GA would have taken up like 10 spots.

@Jetcentric your added. I had to put you into east apron 3 since the plane would have taken up like 1” spots at GA. You and the other CRJ should fit in nicely to the east apron. I made sure to block out east apron 2 so you would fit.

@Thunderhead Your added. I had to put you in a different slot inside the hangers due to space availability

Why did I do this

I actually moved about every single person to fix the issue. I need to check but I think all gates for CCX are taken so only TBM max will be allowed unless further noted.

About half of the attendees would have had an issue spawning in before so I had to fix it. Now you may notice a few unavailable spots. These are to accommodate larger aircraft and were carefully chosen. I would have had about 20 blocked out spots before and now there are only 3!

I am sorry if I changed your slot from your original. I think it’s better for everyone to be able to spawn in and allow more people to join. This change also helped to make the event more realistic because now all aircraft fit into a hangar. I really thank everyone for signing up and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have any questions or concerns please PM me.

Thank you for everyone signing up!

Event PM will be out within 24 hours.


Event is in a few days!!!

@TheFlyingGuy1 are there any spots left?

Yea there are. I’ll need to check if there are any more of the CCX but you can for sure join!

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Event is Tomorrow

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Please sign me up. XCub to KGCN. Thanks.

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