[30 Minutes] GA Telluride Flyout @ KTEX - 191900ZAPR2020

KTEX-Telluride Regional Airport Event

Not everyone has heard of this airport (and that’s ok) in Colorado but it has had a few events over the years. The airport is very unique compared to many small GA airports. You do not want to overrun either runways or else you will fall down a mountain. KTEX has 35 GA spots and 7 terminal gates (which will not be used due to COVID-19 for realism purposes).* The airport GA ramps can handle up to a Cessna Citation X. The airport is really nicely edited so it will be a fun event!

Aircraft Allowed:


Cub Crafters X-Cub

The new X-Cub by Cub Crafters is a modern taildragger STOL plane. This little aircraft can take a beating and can even take off in as little as 170ft! It is very powerful for a 2 seater aircraft. It will cruise at around 95kts. Most people look past this due to it’s difficulty taking off and landing but it is really easy with practice!

Cessna 172

Cessna 172

The good old reliable 172. The Cessna 172 is the most popular aircraft in the world and easy to fly. Most people train on the aircraft for their flight lessons. It cruises around 115kts and has pretty descent range.

Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22

One of the nicest piston general aviation aircraft! It features a powerful turbo engine with de-icing capabilities. The aircraft can handle 4 people and has a very nice range of around 800nm. It can cruise at 200kts! Definitely a fun plane to fly!

Daher TBM-930

Daher TBM-930

A very affordable and luxurious aircraft. It can handle 6 people easily and is extremely high performance. It can do some things it’s competition can not do. The aircraft can cruise at 28,000ft at 200kts with a range of over 1200nm!

Cessna 208

Cessna 208

Cessna large turboprop utility aircraft. It has the ability to take off and land in very short areas and carry lots of payload. It can cruise around 200kts and have over a 1000nm. The plane is also nicknamed the caravan due to its payload abilities!

Cessna Citation X

Cessna Citation X

One of the nicest business jets ever made. The Citation X can cruise at Mach.92 which is something no other civilian aircraft can do. It has a range of over 4000nm and can cruise above 51,000ft! It is a mid size jet which will seat 12 people depending on the configuration.

Event Info

Server: Expert

Airport: KTEX Telluride Regional Airport

Date and Time: April 19th 1900Z**
Should automatically convert to your time. Use this as main time source***

Terminal (Overflow)
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 C750 KCHO @NathanD
Hangar # Aircraft Destination Pilot
02 TBM9 KASE @Luis_Varela
03 TBM9 KPUB @Thunderhead
04 TBM9 CYBW @KGJT-9149
05 C750 EGLL @United2
07 C750 KCMH @cptlogue
08 C750 KSBA @Altaria55
10 C750 KFRG @GameBoy_KIRB
11 SR22 KAPA @Jack_Q
12 TBM9 3CK @Chicago_Aviator
13 C208 KPUB @Kansas_Scotty
14 C750 KSAN @Thunderbolt
16 TBM9 KPDX @146flyer
GA Main Apron

| Apron # | Aircraft | Destination | Pilot |
| 01 | CC19 | KGCN | @David_Mullen
| 02 |
| 03 |
| 04 |
| 05 |
| 06 |
| 07 |
| 08 |
| 09 |
| 10 | TBM9 | TBD | @shatti
| 11 |
| 12 |
| 13 |
| 14 |
| 15 |
| 16 |

GA Apron East (Full)

| Apron # | Aircraft | Destination | Pilot |
| 01 | CRJ2 | TBD | @Esteban_L
| 03 | CRJ2 | KSBA | @Jetcentric

Thank You For Checking Out One Of The Quality

            Details and Credits

*A wave 2 may be added if needed!
**Use time and date below for simplicity.
***Should automatically convert to your local date and time.


First 2 Photos: https://tellurideairport.com/
Collaged with PhotoGrid

Aircraft Photos: All mine. If you wish to use them PM me. Thanks to @Armani_B for helping me with the pictures.
Edited in Apple Photos App

                 Other Event

I’ll take this one to Columbus, Ohio (KCMH) with the Citation X!
(Hangar 1)

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Your in!

Hangar 02 in the CCX to Santa Barbara (KSBA), please.

Edit: If school is not back by then, I will be able to make it. Thanks @Thunderbolt for reminding me of the existence of school :barf:


That sounds like a excellent flight! KSBA is stunning (especially the approach).

Let me check my calendar here.

This event is on a Tuesday at noon for me. If school doesn’t come back by then, I should be good. I’ll take a CCX to KSAN, for now. I’ll let you know if my plans change.

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Could I please take GA Main 1 and fly a Cirrus to KBZN please?

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I remember I tried to host a KTEX flyout A Colorado New Year Fly Out @KTEX 281900ZDEC19 which failed quite miserably. So to help keep yours alive I’ll let you throw me down at any gate with the TBM to CYBW.

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ill take any hanger in the TBM to KJKA

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Your all added in your requested spot!
Your in the hangars.

To Everyone:

I had no idea this was a Tuesday and I’m considering changing the event date to Sunday the 19th instead. I forgot not everybody has school cancelled til May. Please vote on the poll below!

  • Keep Date April 21st 1900Z
  • Change to Sunday the 19th

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If it goes the way my district is planning then the 19th will be the day before I go back. Chances are though that we probably wont finish off the year in-person.

Yea depending on your state. For me they already want to cancel the year

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It looks like the date of the event will probably be changed to Sunday the 19th. To everyone who signed up the event will stay on this thread because it still is complied with the 1 month.

The date has been officially changed to Sunday the 19th


You can still sign up for the event!
It’s is about 3 weeks

This gate in the Hangers. Will be taking a CCX to EGLL or KSTL

Your added! @United2


Hanger 15 | C750 | KFRG | @Gameboy_KIRB

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Your added


I will take a Hanger, SR22 to Denver centennial KAPA! I hope the back has enough room for me to put my skis in.

Say, do you know what the lowest easiest point to get over the Continental divide is?

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Your added! Idk the easiest way across the continental divide but there’s this

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