30 Minutes At Bayswater: Plane Spotting at KJFK | December 27, 2018

Hey everyone!

Today I stopped by Bayswater Point State Park for a quick session of plane spotting. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for long, as my parents claimed the area was “too secluded”. I hope you like the pictures!

Brussels A330

Delta A330

American 777-200

Delta 757-200

3 shots of Korean Air’s A380


3 shots of Kenya’s 787-8!

That’s all, everyone!

I hope you liked these pictures!

Which pic was your fav?

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  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
  • Photo 6
  • Photo 7
  • Photo 8
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  • Photo 10

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When I was leaving the park, I saw a DRONE flying around the area. It was probably a person trying to get elevated shots of departing aircraft. So if you see headlines on the news stating Drone Sighting at KJFK just like the Gatwick incident, don’t be surprised.

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Good pics homie, keep it up!


@Joseph007 thanks!

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Great pics man! Love the Delta belly. JFK has so much diversity for spotting which is great!

May I ask what camera/ device you used? I have a Cannon 60D ( Sort of old but I love it)

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I have a Canon Eos Rebel T5 with a 75-300 mm zoom lens.

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This was Bayswater? How’d you manage to get the tower in the shots? We’re they using runway 4s?


They were using runway 13L & R. Some landings were also on 22R

Ugh, I always have the same problem with my parents disliking my spotting “spot,” although it’s probably for the best… Nice shots @Dylan_M!


Nice pics man! The last Kenya Airways was my favourite!

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@metro @TheCoolPilot thanks!


I keep liking things but forget to reply…

Amazing pics! I especially like the very last one of the Kenya Airways B788. Nice shot you got there of it!
Good work. :)


I only see 9 photos, what happened to the 10th photo everyone is voting for? Great photos by the way, I think photo #4 is the best, the A380 looks amazing with the tower.

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Oh! I didn’t notice that, thanks for pointing it out. I have added 1 photo at the beginning, so voters from the poll might wanna change their vote accordingly.

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Great shots here! The Korean A380 and the Kenya 788 shots are both fantastic! I wonder what “too secluded” means?


There is always Google Issac.


Nice shots. I was thinking about heading out today but the weather isn’t too nice. Maybe this weekend


Nice pictures I like the wing flex!


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