30 knotes Wind with Xcub at EHAM

When the Wind is so strong that it just pushback youre Plane πŸ˜‚πŸŒͺπŸŒ€ Edit: Oh you cant see it really but as you know you cant pushback the Xcub and I had 18 GS without having my Propellor on

Nearly got an Violation for that but it was the Wind again… 😯

With @Infinite_Qantas at ATC

Sorry if its in the wrong category πŸ˜…


Hey! That looks like a lot of fun! Though unfortunately you cant have the HUD, status bar, etc in #screenshots-and-videos

More about the category rules are below

Thats why i wrote Sorry for the wrong category πŸ˜‰
Why you all see my Post just negative ? I didnt create it that people say something because of the wrong category ?!

Stay positive!


Looks like a fun taxi. I’d recommend using the screenshot feature in the replays and that way the HUD will disappear