30°C planespotting at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (SABE)

Today was an unsually hot day in Buenos Aires. We’re still going through Winter, but temperatures today averaged 30°C, so what better way to spend this day than by going for some spotting to Argentina’s busiest airport?

Photos taken when runway 31 was in use:

First we have the newest member of the presidential fleet, ARG-01, a Boeing B757-200 painted with the Argentinian flag.

Jetsmart Argentina’s Airbus A320 LV-JQE.

Flybondi’s B737-800 LV-KHO sporting the empennage of Garuda Indonesia.

Photos taken after runways were switched. Takeoffs and landings were now done on runway 13.

Jetsmart Argentina’s A320 LV-IVO.

Flybondi’s B737-800 LV-KEH.

A rare one showed up, an Uruguayan Air Force plane. I can’t ID this one.

AR’s Boeing B737-8 Max LV-GVE.

Flybondi’s B737-800 “Garuda” LV-KHO, departing through runway 13.

AR’s Embraer E190 LV-CIF.


Looks like a Saab to me. Nice shots!

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looks like an EMB120 to me


thats what I think it is

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Yep, it’s an Embraer 120.


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