3 years on the IFC

Woah, it’s been 3 years on the IFC for me. 3 years ago today, I joined this amazing community, and I have no regrets. It all started by looking up “mobile flight simulator”, and then seeing this. I’ve met so many amazing people on here, that have not only helped me within IF, but with other things as well. I’d like to thank all of the staff and mods for making this community what it is.

Thank you to my best friends on the IFC that I talk to on the daily, y’all are amazing.


IFATC has been a huge part of my enjoyment of IF. I’d like to thank a couple of people for helping me be where I am in IFATC today.

@Tyler_Shelton - Thank you so so much for giving me so many chances. It was definitely an interesting start to my IFATC career, but because you trusted me and believed in me, I have become the controller I am.

@Rhys_V - Thanks so much for giving me advice about my controlling and what I can do better, as well as being an amazing radar trainer.

I could tag so many more people, but I don’t want to tag 500 people haha. I’ve loved absolutely every second spent in this community with these amazing people, and here’s to another 3 years! ❤️


Congrats on 3 years! 🥳

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Congrats there, Cooper!

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Eyyy, 3 years! Congrats mate! You’re a great lad, I remember that day I saw you during IFATC local training, remember? Ahahaha


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Congrats on 3 years! You’ve certainly grown over your time here. Keep being you!

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