3 years in the IFC

3 Years !

Hello everyone !

As you‘ve already seen it‘s my ” 3rd IFC birthday“ today and it‘s absolutely fantastic that I‘ve found this place here.
Actually, I started flying in 2016 and had no idea that such a community exists but then on August, 11th 2018 I came across this site. First, I didn‘t really know what to do here and I just created an account. Sadly, I wasn‘t that active then but this suddenly changed in September 2019. I learned to create topics, made some friends and discovered everything much better. It was a very cool and enjoying time until May 2020. I started to be too emotional about aircraft reworks and feature requests in general. I had many conversations with mods and got banned two times. I was frustrated and began to think about my actions. In conclusion I found out not be that emotional and don‘t take everything here too serious as it‘s just a flight simulator. I‘m still very sorry for my bad behavior towards all of you and especially the mods and I‘m glad to still be a part of the IFC.
The time after my bans I tried to avoid unnecessary discussions and just be neutral.
This year I wasn‘t that active here compared to 2020 but in my opinion it‘s absolutely not healthy to be here all day as you normally start to take things too serious.

All in all this place can be so awesome as long as we all stay respectful and try to accept other opinions. It is definitely understandable that some of you want the E-Jets to be reworked first, some others want the A380 and so on but in the end it‘s just a flight simulator (don‘t like to call it ”game“ as IF is not a game for me). The developers try to ship us the best they can so it can take a bit but honestly, we have enough time or do you want to stop flying in IF ;) ?
I think I have to come to end now as you‘ve probably read for the last 10mins and I‘m sure you also want to do something else today.

Be nice and have a great day guys !

You may ask why there is a picture of the A330neo. I‘m just looking forward to flying it in the near future and I really hope we‘ll also see the Airbus House livery.



Awesome! Here’s to another 3 years!


Congrats man! 🎉

We enjoy having you here :)

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Thanks man !

Thanks, appreciate it :)

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Don’t forget the A220 🥺

Happy Anniversary!

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I definitely won‘t but I still prefer the A330neo ;)
and thanks !

Happy cakeday man! I know I said this before but I’m glad to see you back as well!

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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Happy birthday 🥳

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Cheers to you on overcoming your zeal and balancing your priorities! I think many of us understand how easy it is to become excessively invested into IF and the community, as it’s just so thrilling to find like-minded people with the same fervor for aviation as you do.

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Thanks !

Well said mate !

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I think I’ll be coming up on 3 years pretty soon. It’s changed a lot over time but it’s still a great place to be a part of.

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Nice, congrats!

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woah i dont think i knew you prsonnallly but it seems you had one hell of as ride.
I take it that the next 7 years you will be as a neutral entity?
you know…Can not/should not/ will not interfere

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Yeah definitely!

Thanks :)

It was quite ok …
I try to be neutral and accept other opinions :)

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