3% What!?! My Longest Flight!

My most longest flight! But, something had to go wrong! );

Server - Training
Time - 14 Hours 3 Minutes
YSSY 🇦🇺 - OMDB 🇦🇪

Parked at YSSY Planning route.

Taxing to RWY 20

Taking off out of YSSY!

Over Jakarta 🇮🇩

Near Dubai sees 3% fuel

Approaching 12L

ultimate butter

Parked at the gate!


Nice screenshots!

Edit: my bad didn’t read captions properly


Im near the airport. (Also I have low fuel.)
Preparing for a potential water landing.

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Happy you made it! I thought this was the header to go with the image hahaha


Thank god we made it!

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Effective fuel planning would have eliminated the chance of an incident

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I put the fuel at 15 Hours, but I guess you’re right.

Make sure to step climb and account for passenger/cargo load! It’s all a learning curve :)


I did 18 hours non stop with a 737-700 bbj

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Wow, nice photos Arthur! Looked like a fun flight ;)

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Mid air refuel?

No, it can fly for up to 20, done it before

No, I loaded the fuel as much as I could and overslept that night and when I woke up, I still had 5 hours of fuel. I decided to go to a bigger airport in Tel Aviv because I was in the middle of Africa, so I flew the whole five more hours and had less than 3 minutes of fuel.

Captain Sully entered the chat

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Screenshots are on point, The taking off picture is amazing, keep it up!!!

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Can I ask why it took so long? I have did that flight in just over 12 hrs