3 violations

Got 3 violations for landing at tapt. On a 787… why 3 and not just 1

Landed safely

yea same, i got 3 violations somehow when i didn’t do anything

It’s simply because your Air France 787-10 is far too big for TAPT (class Echo with a 2903 x 150 ft runway). You were continuing your approach (as you said you landed) instead of diverting to another airport. It’s like if you fly at 250+ knots under 10’000 ft you will get more violations if you don’t reduce your speed quickly. Hope you understand :)


I saw violation upon touchdown

It’s logical you had violations upon touchdown as you should have diverted.

I would say you were on the runway far too long. I just did the same as a test and I basically did a quick touch and go (yes all gear touched down) and I did not receive a violation

Maybe you were on Solo or on the Casual server.

Nope i exited runway immediately

Wouldn’t you get a violation even if you were off the runway?

MaxSez: I received 3, 3day violation and a Grade Reduction yesterday for not clearing the active fast enough. I was distracted by a phone call.
It’s about time for an IF NOTAM Listing each violation type and sentence!
A 1 day plus a 3 day for some violations is over kill. A minor Ghost gets you a few hours!


Also. Why flight plan allowed to pick destination airport for biggest a/c


The flight plan allows you to go to any airport, but if you want to check if your aircraft is allowed you have to so it manually


MaxSez: Restrictions should be shown in Chart Info. Somebody do a Topic and Recommend "Chart NOTAMS in Info. I’m tired of taking the lead!


I would never, never, not even in the right mind land a 787-10 on a 3000 foot runway. I wouldn’t even dare do that with even an A320.

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