3 Violations while i was afk WOW 💀

I demand justice :'( i was afk

and mid flight the speed limit changed and i got 3 violations (level 1 ) please remove do them as the speed limit randomly changed whitout me knowing and gave me these violations ( i was going 340 knots and speed limit was 350 )

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Unfortunately, Level 1s are not removed unless it’s a game bug, which this doesn’t sound like. The IAS limit decreases as you climb past FL200+ or when you descend through 10,000 feet, you’ll know this for next time. You cannot maintain 340 knots all the way up to cruise or down to the ground.


Level one violations are not removed as they are given by the system. They expire in 7 days. Below 10,000 feet the speed limit is 250 knots which then increases as you ascend. If you feel that a violation has been unfairly given to you or have questions please contact @ appeals in a polite and nice way. Hope to see you in the infinite flight skies and have a good day.

dont ever use 340, after you get to 10K feet, put 320, it will automatically change your. velocity above FL280 to 0.85 without giving you a violation for exceeding 0.87, 0.89 or 0.93 depending on the aircraft


320 isn’t safe for select aircraft, better to just look up what speed gives good Mach transition for each aircraft.

CRJ/E-Jet/737/717/A320/A220: 293
757/767: 300
A330/A340/Trijets/CL35: 308
777: 315
787/747/A350/A380: 320


So, from that you were apparently climbing as explained


So, there are two speed limits as you climb:

IAS and mach speed limit. At 340kts you set yourself to be under the IAS limit, but you exceeded the mach limit.

What looks like the IAS limit dropping is actually you reaching the mach limit. (It’s the mach limit translated to the IAS red bar)

At and above 24,000 feet seems to be the altitude where the mach speed limit becomes the priority.

As Andrew said, you need to know that if you leave your device to climb without you watching, that you have a safe IAS setting to keep from going over the mach number.

I usually set a very safe IAS into the autothrottle (that I tested before with me watching the climb) if I don’t know the exact number.

What’s the difference between IAS (indicated airspeed) and mach? Mach is measuring TAS (true airspeed).

At higher and higher altitude the IAS will be dropping for any value of TAS because the air density drops.

Translation: the pressure over your wings is actually still ok (IAS) but the speed of that air is too fast now (TAS).


We don’t know if he was climbing…he said mid flight.

Max speed for the MD-11/DC-10 is M0.90/350kts before you get an overspeed violation in IF.
I personally recommend 310kts to the transition at FL280 and cruise around M0.82 to M0.85.

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If the limit is 350 he’s below FL240, so unless he’s doing some weird cruise I think it’s safe to assume he’s climbing or descending.


Yeah…short flight…low cruising…
but i would bet on overshooting the airport with vnav on 😴🛬

Yeah, I wasn’t focusing on the descending: I got anchored by the op mentioning the 350kt limit.

But what you said makes more sense: the limit up high (climbing above FL240) OR the limit down low (below 10,000ft).

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Crusing at low level cause of the speed limits on higher altitude.

Would you care to submit a replay via sharemyinfiniteflight.com? It will show us all the info we need.

Just to confirm, are you saying the violations were in fact at higher altitude after a climb?

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