3 violations for one infraction

Why would the system issue me 3 violations for above 250 knots when it was just once and I was slowing speed as ATC was pressing me to descend. I understand why they are there but punishing 3 times for one is not accurate.

If you are over the minimum of 250kts below 10,000ft for a bit it will still give you violations over the span of time you are over 250 kts if it persists for a certain amount at a time.

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Welcome into the Community, Adrian!

The basic rules here as follows on the Expert or the Training Server:
250kts or less below 10,000feet.

It is advised to slow down using this change of Flaps and Flight Spoilers before reaching 10,000 feet before it’s too late.


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It’s accurate. For every so many (20) seconds over 250 kts you get one violation. After 5 you get ghosted.


It tries to teach you what would happen irl.
Points on pilot license = good bye pilot license

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In addition to what is said above, you probably got a system violation for the speed, not from ATC. This is done automatically. You can only get ghosted once by ATC.

Other system violations include:

  • Sitting on a runway too long
  • Overspeeding when taxiing >35 ground speed
  • Overspeeding past the limits of an aircraft (even if you are >10,000 ft) like trying to go 350 knots ias in an a320.

You get 20 seconds before a warning, then another 20 seconds before the first violation, and 20 seconds between each one.

That means you were speeding for between 80-99 seconds.

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Training server as well :)

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Right. 🤦‍♂️ Must have forgotten about that. ;)

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Haha yes… the telltale sign of a pilot who spends all his time on Expert ;)

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