3 TSA Officers Test Positive For Coronavirus At Mineta San Jose Int’l Airport

Be careful out there guys. @GlobalFlyer1, @BigBert10, @ran, and anyone else in the Bay Area

I think one of you spotted at SJC recently… so pointing this out


Oof. Bad enough. No need to panic is what I tell people. Just calmly take precautions and all should be good to go.


Oh jeez! But for me, I’m fine because I won’t be flying to SJC until March 28

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Oof, I was just there on Sunday… since these TSA officers had it, it’s likely a lot more and passengers do too now 😬

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3 TSA officers… 3 people who visit SJC. Hmm… I hope we’re not all TSA agents…

Joke aside, I feel really bad for those who are suffering from this. No one should face this.


Dang, stay safe guys.

The DFW area just had its first case yesterday, with three more today.


The sad thing is that everyone is likely to catch this before long. The good thing is that healthy adults and kids are very likely to heal from it, just like the 50,000 who already have.

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This might lighten the mood…

He summarizes how scared you should be at 18:28.

I love John Oliver

@Ishrion I’m not in town so I guess it’s not me,
@mwe2187 did you get corona’d


Looks like they should redirect all flights to SFO.

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And few to Oakland

Yeah…no that won’t happen

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I would if I were them. San Fran is defintiley the better airport. 😃

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If you’d like to continue the discussion, PM me as this is going off topic.

San Jose should still be accepting traffic. All that’ll happen is likely a quarantine for some passengers/staff, and maybe airlines will reduce flights and British Airways may delay their 747 flights.

That would actually be counter productive. At this point there’s virtually no point trying to stop it, it’s going to keep spreading, but we can, and should try to keep the rate of transmission low. That’s why there canceling mass gatherings, and stuff. Everyone there will, unfortunately, likely be exposed in time wether they go or not, the goal is at this point more to try to slow the spread. If it goes a few people at a time that’s much better for everyone than if we cluster everyone together and they all get it. Imagine how much thousands of cases are going to strain health care systems? A lot, because not only will they have to deal with that, but people won’t stop having heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, etc. So long story short, and I think I gave too long of a story tbh, keeping more lower volume airports very well could be for the better.

San Jose is the better airport

Redirecting all flights to SFO would cause massive delays and cancellations. Not a good way for efficiency and not a very smart decision either

All of the PAX would be broke if they flew through SJC. It’s too expensive for what it is.

Well, 15.7 million passengers including myself have flown in and out of SJC. I don’t think any of us are broke. And the airport is not always more expensive than SFO. They flip flop and prices range

Huh? San Jose is actually cheaper than San Francisco for domestic travel… for some international destinations too. San Francisco is usually only cheaper for long hauls to Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

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