3 Times App Crash After Global Server Connection Loss

hello there!

Device, App and Flight Info:
Device: 2021 iPad Pro 11”
OS: iPadOS 16.2
App Version: Latest, updated to the latest on the 7th
Server: Expert (non-beta)


lately I’ve been having issues with IF, where it’ll crash.

I’ve been able to track it down to one thing: global server losing connection and at some point crashing the game. it has happened 3 times today, the second of which i was able to catch on screen recording.


What I’ve found:

1st instance saw the global server flicker rapidly between the green check mark and the red “!”. A few second later the game crashed. I initially shrugged it off as “oh this is one of the off chances the app will crash” but no…

2nd instance I saw the red “!” i started screen recording (can provide it upon request) thinking it may happen again and i was right. there was no flickering of the status it just stayed as “!” and it just crashed.

3rd instance saw a repeat of number 2, minus the recording and me making this post.

So something somewhere with the global server connection is causing the app to crash.


What I’ve done:

-restarted IF
-restarted device
-restarted router (separate reasons from all this)


Some side notes:

-never happened before, in my dozens of hours of flying on this device
-my phone (not same device as with the issue) works perfectly
-all instances of it happened today


So anyone here got a clue as to why this could be happening?



Regarding the game crashing, Infinite Flight staff is aware of the increase in crashes on iOS devices and is trying to find a permanent solution. If you search for similar topics, you will find that a few other members have reported similar crashing-related issues.

More information can be found here.

Have you tried utilizing a different internet connection source? If the connection is unstable, your game shouldn’t crash but disconnect you from the live session.

It’s odd because it only started happening today, not everyday since updating, so just makes me wonder if it’s a new thing

My phone was on the same wifi as the troubled device - not cellular, i leave that off often - and it did just fine

I’m having the same problem also, but I’ve just waited a day and it was doing well until I was about to start my descent into PHNL on the game today. Very irritating.

I saw schyllberg’s post about the crashes and correct me if I am wrong, is regarding the global server flickering red then the app crashing. I don’t know If location of where you are using means anything, but Im experiencing this. I am a college student so I live in a dorm and come home for breaks. For me when I was at home over Christmas break Infinite Flight performed well and I was able to do an 8 hour long haul without issue, however once I returned to my dorm the crashing issue started happening again (as well as happening before break) and happened regardless whether I was using wifi or cellular.

well it happened to me 3 times yesterday and so far none today, but I’ve only started 1 flight and it hasn’t happened

Once again, just today, i was flying above the pacific and my game crashed and it does appear that it may have been the global server connection loss again.

The global server connection flickered for a few seconds before stopping all together, and about 2 minutes later the game crashed

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