3 Stellar Pilots

I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the 3 pilots below. While controlling at RJAA a few moments ago, these three pilots were all cleared for takeoff. I staggered them so they wouldn’t cause interference with each other. The thing that I’d like to commend these folks on is their ability to follow the ATIS. They were all within 1000ft of altitude and less than a mile separation of each other and not one of them deviated from the straight out departure that I had listed in the ATIS. By the time they got to the end of the cone, they turned in opposite directions to their destinations without interfering each other. For those who would like an understanding on what this is, I’d encourage you to look over Parallel Departures.

I just wanted to say thank you and for you folks to give yourselves a pat on the back. Thank you for showing true professionalism and setting an example on the Expert Server. These three pilots were the icing on the cake for my ATC session. 💯

Callsign Display Name
KLM 305 DutchklmAF
Lufthansa 406 Super LH Pilot
BAVA205 Chris B

If you know these folks be sure to let them know that what they did was good and to keep up the good work.


Good to see a BAVA name in there! Congrats @Chris_B


Bravo to those pilots who actually take the time and listen to the ATIS info. A vast majority of pilots do not adhere to instructions, which annoys me and others. If they see this, they are spreading a good message.

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Congratulations Chris :) keep up the good work. Love, BAVA343


Great job guys. I try my best to listen to ATIS when I get the chance.

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I can understand why you are happy with them, these are surely the pilots we would all like to have on the expert server.

Superb job guys!Keep it up :)

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