3 Quick Questions About The Cessna 172?

Hello IFC,
I am about to take N456DX out for a spin but I got 3 quick questions before I do so. Firstly, does anyone know the flaps speed of the aircraft. There are 3 settings, 10, 20, and full flaps. Also, does anyone know if in real life, you can put 100% power in the aircraft? Also the normal cruise speed it 122 KIAS, but should I actually fly that speed my whole flight? Thanks!

Are you referring to which setting you use? If so, that depends on your weight. I flew a C172 P in real life the other day, and the aircraft’s load was approx. 65%; our flap setting was 0°.

You can, yes. It is best to use this in a high-speed climb (greater than 750fpm in the C172 P).

That won’t be an issue. I was above 125kts for most of my flight the other day. Just don’t exceed Vne (Never Exceed Speed), which is 158kts for the C172. However, do try to stay at or below Vno, which is 127kts.

I hope this helps!


This helped! Thank you so much!

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Would like 135-140kts be a good speed to cruise at? @Zachary

I personally cruise at around 110, 135-140 is a bit on the higher side.

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Flap depends on a couple of things of course. Usually on a grass strip I use 10° and on a hard runway I use 0°.

In terms of your cruising speed we typically set the speed by referring to the RPM. In the 172sp/p 2,200 to 2,300 RPM will nicely hold around 110kts for you.


@Pingu @Dan
Ok, thank you guys!

Sometimes when we’re tight on time and need to head back to the airfield we floor it to around 125kts 🤠 Not recommended :)


You don’t like hearing the prop spin at 2700RPMs and the aircraft shaking? 😜


Don’t think it was covered, however the flap extension speed for the 172S (may vary slightly depending on model) is 110KIAS for flap 10 and 85KIAS for between 10-30.

Flap retraction speed would depend on your flight club/school, if a flap retraction schedule exists.


Me right now, 2700RPMs, lol!

Going to drop this here as an additional reference.


For landing:
Flaps 10 inside the white arc
Flaps 20 around 80ish knots
Flaps 30 on final or not at all

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Is this KIAS or true airspeed? I assume KIAS but I’m just making sure.

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Here are the flap speeds that we use at my flight school for the 172SP
Below 110 KTS flaps 10
Below 85 KTS flaps 20
And on final flaps 30
And on takeoff we usually don’t use any flap unless we are heavy or we are doing a short field take off the we use flaps 10

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KIAS, yes.


High Approach, power off, Full flap, 65kts indicated and down we go 👇😎

That was my last IRL landing however I do feel the IF 172 is slightly underpowered? You may need to keep this in mind if getting real 172 speeds online

IRL I’ll drop 10 flap at 90kts and then 20 flap at about 70kts depending on various factors.

100kts is the safe operating speed for flaps however, I slow to 90 as my local airport has a tight circuit and 20 flap as we need to clear houses near short final

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