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  1. Why does Infinity Flight not show up as TV supported - surely it should for the NVidia Shield TV

  2. I bought my subscription on my iPhone but I’ve had it stolen - can I switch it over to my Android Shield TV?

  3. I bought a 1 month Pass but then upgraded to the £39.99 option. Instead of technically giving me 13 months as normal services do when you upgrade, it wiped out my month and applied a 12 month - surely this should be 13 months?


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  1. I believe IF can only be run on a mobile platform since it uses the mobile device’s accelerometer to control the aircraft, whereas Nvidia Shield TV uses a controller with no accelerometer (to my knowledge).

  2. Just log in via your Facebook or Google account to gain access to your live subscription on your Android device. Your subscription will work whether it is iOS or Android. Bought individual planes and regions are a different story, those will not transfer over through different platforms (i.e. from iOS to Android).

  3. Someone from the staff should contact you (since this thread is already in support) and they can help you out with this. I do not know the answer myself. Better if they handle it.

Also, that was 3 questions, not 2. Just sayin’ ;)

The 12 month only may be a result of the additional features that come with the yearly subscription over the monthly

IF doesn’t allow you to add existing subscriptions on top of each other, Thus, the 12 month replaced the old month subscription.


That’s a bit frustrating - especially if people commit to the game because they love it - maybe something to add to the UI in the future - saves people wasting money? Now there is Joystick support I am hoping it will be on the TV store - I bought the Shield TV for that reason and to ensure I have a powerful system to run it on.

There is no hidden information or anything, when you buy a 12 month subscription, its giving you exactly a year from purchasing it.

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