3 Q's about ETE To Dest

So my ETE sometimes gets stuck it doesn’t go up or down. so i had 3 Q’s.

  1. Should I Worry?
  2. what’s causing this?
  3. Will it work properly when im near my Dest. Airport?
    I’ll need it to Descend. Thanks!

Could it be that the next leg in the FPL wasn’t activated?


usually it’s winds or you descending or climbing

Usually it only gives an accurate measurement wehn you’re on final with you final speed set:/
Otherwise, it only shows when you get there at the current speed you are at, which you most likely not be at during your whole flight, especially during your approach

There are No wapoints in my FPL.

But you’ve set the destination airport, right?

yes and it’s on course.

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I see. Can’t really help you then, sorry. Probably make a direct to in the map, but I don’t know whether that will solve it.

Alright, thank you for replying! it’s functioning fine RN. looks like it’s winds.

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All right, glad it is (somewhat) solved now!

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