3° pitch for landing

How do i see the 3° pitch on the cockpit (especially for planes with functional instruments)when approching for landing "its been like months now using captain view for landing but not perfecting my landings’its either the nose is much highup(tailstrike) or lowdown(hardlandings)

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There isn’t a way to see the exact pitch. You kinda just have to draw an imaginary line. I would recommend to just barely flare. It doesn’t have to be exactly 3 degrees when you land. Remember small movements make a big difference.


To feel the pitch , trim and speed, you have.


On the HUD, the angle between 2 green horizontal lines is 5°, it’s your task to guess where the 3° angle is…

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Just fly the instrument approach or PAPI/VASI. Should put you on 3°.

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That’s the slope not the pitch…

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On the PFD (primary flight display) the attitude is indicated by these lines. Most PFDs shows some numbers, like the one on the 737. Small lines should increments of 2.5°, medium sized ones show increments of 5°, and longer lines show increments of 10° (and have numbers). It’s the same on the HUD.
Here, I’ve put an arrow where 3° would be roughly.

This is what it would look like maintain roughly that 3° in flight.

In reality, during the flare, you don’t want to be looking down here. You need to look towards the end of the runway.The exact angle of your flare, what matters is that once you have flared, you hold that attitude until touchdown.

There’s a great landing tutorial on YouTube which talks about this by a channel called flightdeck2sim. Although it’s based off of the 737 in P3D (a desktop flight sim) it can be applied easily to any IF aircraft and explains it very well.


Thank you well said thats exactly what i was asking and you answered well for me to understand.

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