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I’m so happy to release three new videos today! Two Spotting Videos, one at KPHX and one in San Francisco. I also uploaded a single-shot timelapse from Sioux Falls to Phoenix Mesa Gateway airport. I do hope you enjoy. You can find all three and their description below!

1. Spotting in Phoenix

It’s time for more Infinite Flight Multiplayer Spotting! We’ll be traveling over to Phoenix today, or KPHX. We’ll be spotting everything from little MRJs to the mighty 747. This spotting video was shot at about 10 - 11 in the morning.

(Click on the picture to watch)

2. Spotting in San Francisco

In this video is some realistic spotting. To do this we head over to the wonderful city by the bay, San Francisco. We’ll be spotting the departures coming off of the two 28s (28L and 28R). Our view is just past the 101 highway off the end of the 10s. In our about 1 hour time period, we spot a total of 15 planes, I know it’s a little less than average, but I tried not to make it too long. Every flight I spot I made sure went to an actual airline that served the route I mentioned. Every flight number you see in the video, flies the actual route and aircraft associated with it (at time of video release)

(Click on the picture to watch)

3. Sioux Falls to Mesa/Phoenix

Thanks for taking this time to watch this short, single-shot timelapse. Today this flight will take you from Sioux Falls (KFSD) in Iowa flying over to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (KIWA) airport near Phoenix. The aircraft I used for this flight was an Airbus A320. We start off parked at gate 1B in Sioux Falls and arrive later that day into gate 9 at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway. Our departure time is just after 7 in the evening (local in Sioux Falls) and we land right before 7 on the same day in Phoenix. The total flight time for our flight was about 2 hour and 30 minutes.

This flight, like almost all of my flights, is a real life route. The flight number is Allegiant 533. It’s supposed to takeoff at 7:10pm and arrive at 7:56 later that evening. The scheduled flight time is 2:46hrs according to flightaware and some other flight trackers.

(Click on the picture to watch)

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