3 new Jetblue routes in Atlanta

Jetblue is starting nonstop routes to JFK,FLL, and MCO in 2018. I hope Atlanta get more airlines such as Virgin America


I saw that. Glad to hear.

Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn” I love that little sentence :)


Soon from now ATL will be heaven to all plane spotters as more airlines are starting service to ATL and more routes are opening up.

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F9 is starting nonstops from my local airport (ISP) to ATL in Spring 2018. Can’t wait!


I don’t think virgin America will because Alaska bought them out.


After flying into ATL last June I exited the terminal and went up to the MARTA train platform. I’ve never regretted not having my camera more in my life. It was over a hundred degrees with the humidity that day and I was dressed for a wedding, otherwise I would have sat there, taken a later train and ran my iphone battery down to the ground for lack of a better option. That place is already a spotters heaven, it’s only getting better!


That’s nice that JetBlue is doing that

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Sounds like bad news for Delta, if anything.

Mmm I love me some JetBlue. Does this use the a321? Those are a dream with mint!

Actually won’t effect them that much, as there are only 3 JetBlue Routes flying out of KATL and more than 100 Delta Routes Flying out of KATL. Still though, great move by JetBlue by operating in “enemy” territory

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This is delta’s number one hub. And if your number one hub is the busiest airport in the world. I dont think Delta has to worry. Even if jetblue started a hub in Atlanta, Delta wouldnt have to worry at all as the only airlines that could compete with delta would be American and United


I wish I lived in ATL for this reason. Sadly I will be forever subjected to connecting in and out of it with no time to photo shoot.

Atlanta is my main airport, and I can’t wait for their new routes. Will never be flying any other airline to New York or Florida again. Can’t wait to spot them too, along with the AF 787 and Aeromexico Ejets coming soon!

Delta has lobbied against the construction of a new Atlanta airport for obvious reasons.

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