3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers

Yesterday, me and my fellow IFATC close friends @Smax @Jaylan_Brown Decided to do a flight in the region of Australia 🇦🇺. We got to explore some new scenery we have not seen and indeed it was cool. Got to fly into a full operated Sydney Kingsford airport. @Thunderbolt. Thanks to everyone who brought us in safe and sound. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Ps… I had to go around due to traffic🤣

Flight Details

Dep Airport: YBCG (Gold Coast Airport)
Arrv Airport: YSSY (Sydney Kingsford)
Flight #: Virgin 520
Flight Time: 1hr / 02 mins

@Smax, @Jaylan_Brown, and I, getting ready to push.

Rolling out of Gold Coast on RWY14

I did NOT get a TCAS warning at Mount Warning🤨

Now were cruising at 36,000ft 😎

First attempt at landing due to high traffic at SYD 😱

Yes. I show boated and greased infront of you guys sorry not sorry…

Hellooooo… Sister? Brother? Doesnt matter🙃😉
Me and my guys showing you how its done 😃

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos let me know what you think…😎

  • Let me know which was your favorite…
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ayeee my dude! great flight, had an amazing time.

ps had to go with pic 7 gotta plug the squad😎


Yesir you know how we roll 😏

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Nice! Looks like it was a good flight! Nice editing…

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What if I want to vote for all of the photos because their all so good and I can’t decide.

Keep up the great work

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Hahah vote :) Thanks appreciate it

Thanks man. Yeah it was a good flight

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Great pictures @Kevinsoto1502 love the editing on them! 😃


Thanks bro I appreciate it 😃

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Nice pictures!

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Nice pics bro
And it was indeed a great flight😄


Thanks bro and heck yeah 😃

Thanks man!!

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You didn’t tell me you were still flying! You should hit me up sometime. By the way, good edits!

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Thanks Nate! Check your dms ill be texting you soon 🙂

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Awesome pictures!

And right in the touchdown zone too! I’m sure it was very buttery

for those wondering about the whole touchdown zone thing,


The big white blocks are the 1000’ aiming point.

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Hahaha thanks man apreciate it. Seen you while controlling around lately

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Some real gems you have right there mate, well done!

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Oh really 😏

May I ask where? Just curious to see if I remember.

You can PM me if you want to :)

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Thanks mate :)

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