3 month subscription option

There may be some app store reasoning but I did move this to #features.


There is? The only thing I know about the app store is they take 30% or each transaction done through it.

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I voted. even if it’s just a few percent cheaper than a monthly subscription, for me as a student, every penny counts.
I don’t understand why people are against more options to choose from?

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3 months is truly needed

I don’t really have an opinion on it based on the fact I always have a year sub when I do have a sub but a 3month sub option could be good - maybe priced around the $25 dollar mark (ie $24.99)

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But could they just do 1 month for 3 months then stop?

Big brain

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or 27$ yea

It is needed
Actually if you do the math
The one year sub has the lowest price per month
The 3 month sub is a good thing for some
Like if they are only free for the summer months
So they don’t have to be inactive while having a sub.


Yea that’s true

This feature can also provide more options for people when choosing a subscription