3 Million XP!

Just goes to show you all what hard dedication to the sim and its community over 3/4 years can do. Can’t stop flying with you guys! 👍🏻


Great job dude thats a accomplishment right there

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Congratulations so much! Although I haven’t flown as much as you, I know how long it takes to get that much XP. However, this just shows your dedication to the community. I congratulate you on your journey up to 3Mil XP, and I hope you will keep on flying high!

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Congrats Man! Hope to see even more progression in the future years :)

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Great job! Here’s to many more landings!!! :-D

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Congratulations! 🎊

You’ve just earned a distinction for being one of the most dedicated Infinite Flight users! 3,000,000 XP is insane! You truly deserve one of the top spots on the leaderboard right up there with the DEVS & MODS.

Reward yourself with a 🍪 and 🎂 and a nice scenic General Aviation flight in Europe.

Airport: HECA
Aircraft: Any GA aircraft of your choice

Enjoy! 😉 You really deserve it.


I think your C208 needs some new tires and an overhaul after all the work you’ve been putting in 😜

PS- DeerCrusher turned me on to the 208 many moons back and it was definitely worth it! Congrats Nate


Lol. It’s heavily modified. Kinda like what Sean Tucker did to his Pitts. 👍🏻😜🤫

(It can pull up to 7G)


Congrats Nate! Big accomplishment. Now onto the next milestone. “Watch out 4 million, because Nate’s barreling down the runway at a high rate of speed.”


Meanwhile I’m stuck with half that xp.

How many hours do you have may I ask?

2,772 hours. A good chunk of the XP was gained by challenging myself in adverse wind conditions.

And here’s something else. I’m also not that far off from the all time XP leaderboard 🤫😏

I need to get back into IF, I have 2300 hours but only 16 hours from one flight this month.

Congrats again on your achievement, I hope to join you one day, maybe sometime next year

I’ve found the all time one is off. The lowest person on the all time leaderboard only has some 2100 hours but I have 2300, so if it was up to date I would be on the leaderboard, However I’m probably at #70 or something

This brought a tear to my eye. 😢

“Never say you CAN’T when you haven’t attempted to do something you CAN do.”


3 million is a lot congrats on the achievement

How do you gain 9000 Xp for 20 mn
But congrats

Pattern work in really strong winds ;-)

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Nice dude! I remember those days! 👍🏼😄

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Congratulations! Awesome! I almost have been using IF for 4 years and I’m close to 2 Million

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