3 level 1 violations

Device: IPad Pro M2
Operating system: IpadOS

I got 3 level 1 violations for over speeding while my simulator froze in flight. this demoted me down to grade 2

I am a returning player

Sorry, but these can not be appealed as the violation was in your control, speeding violations usually aren’t appealed.

But the simulator froze, am I still liable?

If it froze, contact @appeals

Thank you, I’ll be doing that

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I recently had a glitch that caused me to overspend and it got appealed

I messaged appeal

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Good luck! They may ask for a replay file, but I’m not sure the replay catches the game freezing

I don’t take replay files I fly long haul 😅😅

Replay files are always saved even if you don’t watch them. Unless you delete them, they’re always available.

How you’re going to protect yourself if you don’t save your replays? This is a typical violation of when you overshoot the airport and run out of fuel or stall at some point. If the app crashed or got frozen, the game usually stops there.

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